October 24

Building Our Reading Lives

How do we become better readers? READ, of course! Students were asked to reflect on what they love the most about reading, where they like to read, and what types of books they like best. We made a bulletin board of our responses and here’s a few of those responses…

Where’s YOUR favourite place to read?

October 20

Flashlight Friday…why not?

We LOVE reading in our class. We are always eager to squeeze in any extra time to read. Last Friday, we held our first Flashlight Friday where students brought in a flashlight and found a quiet spot to read in the class. The lights went out and the blinds were closed. You couldn’t hear a pin drop. They were amazing readers.

Check out our quick video of what it looked like 🙂

Our first Flashlight Friday was such a success, we’ll definitely do more!

March 26

Maps of the Island

If you have your finished map of the island, email it to me and I’ll add it to this blog post. Thanks in advance for sharing your drawings!


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