March 23

The Wild Robot Reading #1

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Mrs. Sullivan will read a few chapters from our read aloud, The Wild Robot. Get cozy, grab a stuffie, make a hot chocolate, and plug your headphones in. Listen carefully for her question at the end. Enjoy!


Mrs. Sullivan


February 28

Mystery Reader Revealed!

Our most recent mystery reader who has visited our class was Daya’s Grandma! She did a fabulous job reading from a book called Meet Viola Desmond by Elizabeth MacLeod. This book tells the true story of a courageous Canadian woman who stood up for what she believed was right.

On a rainy November day in 1946, Viola decided that she would not give up her seat in the unofficial white section of a movie theatre in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. Viola knew she was being asked to move because she was black. She was jailed, tried and found guilty of an unfair charge. But Viola and her supporters persisted in their campaign for social justice — all the way to Nova Scotia’s Supreme Court.

Daya’s Grandma was so thoughtful to bring in a 10 dollar bill to show us Viola Desmond’s picture on it!

A big thank you goes out to Dianne for her time with us

on Wednesday!

February 6

Mystery Reader…revealed!

Today, we were delighted to welcome another mystery reader to our classroom … Mrs. H! She chose to read a wonderful story called The Gift of Nothing by Patrick McDonnell. 

It is a story where the main characters are Mooch the cat and Earl the dog. Mooch wants to buy his friend a gift, but Earl already has everything! Money can buy many things, but as we discussed, there’s one thing money can’t buy, and that is love, friendship, and happiness. Can you guess what Mooch ended up wrapping up in a box for his friend, Earl?

A big thank-you to Mrs. H for her fantastic reading and spending time with us today. We are grateful!

January 22

Mystery Reader…Revealed!

Today we had the pleasure of welcoming our very first Mystery Reader into our classroom. It was Mrs. L! We enjoyed listening to the story called “After the Fall” by Dan Santat. It’s the tale of what happens to Humpty Dumpty after he falls off the wall. Now, he’s afraid of heights but will he be able to overcome his fear?

You’ll have to read the book to find out!

A big thank-you to Mrs. L for her time and

for her fabulous reading skills.

October 22

Books Are Delicious

Last Friday, our classroom was transformed into a sort of literary cafe as students were invited to their very first BOOK TASTING event of the school year. A book tasting gives students the opportunity to sample some juicy reads in a short period of time and come away with a wish list of titles. It’s a great way to let young readers sample different authors, genres, and series. After all, books are a lot like food—you won’t know if you like something until you try it!

Chef Sully made an appearance, flying in from France. Students noted she looked a lot like her sister, Mrs. Sullivan. They even shop at the same clothing stores!

We ‘sampled’ several different genres of books including:

  • Poetry
  • Picture Books
  • Books in a Series
  • Nonfiction


At each table sat a pile of 10-15 books of a particular genre.

After checking out the front and back covers and inside flaps, students spent a few minutes browsing through the book to develop their first impressions. When time (about 10 minutes) was up, students wrote down observations and made note of whether or not they want to add the book to their wish list.

They rated the book out of 10 and jotted some notes about various things including what they thought of the book, what did the author do to hook them, and so on. It’s a perfect way for kids to nibble on a book and decide if they want to devour the whole thing!

Students rotated through 4 different stations in total. Afterwards, we enjoyed some yummy refreshments!

It was so much fun and we all went away with perhaps a few books we would like to read, maybe even from a genre we have never explored before.

Our next Book Tasting will be sometime before Christmas.