June 28

Summer is Upon Us

27426637865_5a3fcc6013The official start of the summer season was June 21, but tomorrow is our last day of school for 2015-2016! The buzz is in the air and excitement is flowing through everyone’s veins.

The year has flown by and so many memories have been made. There is much to be thankful for.

What memories have stuck with you? What books will you read over the summer? What are you looking forward to? What do you think Grade 7 will be like? 

Have a wonderful summer holiday! You will be missed.

June 28

Kindergarten Olympics Day

It was such a treat to be asked by the kindergarten teachers to help out with their Olympics Day today. Students were involved in team leading, running a station, or helping with the timing of the event.

What a fantastic job of all our Grade 6 students for helping to make the morning a fun and smoothly-run event. Congratulations to you for such wonderful displays of leadership.


June 27

End of the year Comic!


I am so, so sorry that this didn’t go up earlier… let’s just say that there were some “technical difficulties” getting this up, but believe me, I have been trying! Anyways, before I get into anything else, I just wanted to say: Thank you all so much for a great year. And after looking back on it, I can easily say that it was my favourite one BY FAR. I really hope you know that you guys are the people who made it happen. So without further adieu, here’s the comic!

Ms. Sullivan’s class 2015-2016

by Stephenie

Ms. Sullivan’s class 2015-2016

by Stephenie

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June 23

East Park

Best trip ever!! On Monday our class went to East Park for a field trip. East Park is a place with water slides and other fun activities such as mini golf, bumper cars, go carts, jungle gym and more. We were aloud only 4 activities. We chose water park, mini golf, and go carts. Our favourite part was the water park, the Bullet especially! It was a “blast”.The go carts and mini golf were fun too, but extra busy. All of our class enjoyed east park and it will definitely be a trip to remember!

Have you ever been to East Park?

Do you like water slides? If so what is your favourite one?

IMG_5353 IMG_5355 IMG_5370 IMG_5378 IMG_5379

June 23

Names in full version

Hi.  It’s Scott, and I am here to tell you about names.  Some people have a name but who knows what their full first name can be?

So  here are the names below that can be the full first name of a short name

Short version                                                                            Long version

Nick                                                                                             Nicholas

Gabi                                                                                            Gabriella

Gabe                                                                                           Gabriel

Alex                                                                                             Alexander\Alexandra

Ben                                                                                             Benjamin

Sam                                                                                            Samuel\Samantha

Steph                                                                                         Stephanie

Tom                                                                                           Tommy

Tommy                                                                                     Thomas

Pat                                                                                             Patrick

Zack                                                                                          Zackary

Matt                                                                                         Matteo\Mateo\Matthew

Thank you for watching these names and their full version.

Are there any more names that you know of which have a full version?

Please comment if you would like to.


June 4

A Healthy Kind of Day

On Friday, the school went outside to do some skipping and yoga! Jump Rope for Heart is the organization we were supporting–students were asked to bring in some pledges to support the cause and we went outside and got our heart rates up by turning the ropes! Some of us ventured into trying double dutch while others used the individual small ropes.

At a separate time, we found a little shade in our school yard and were led through a small session of yoga. Tree pose, cobra, warrior pose…we were ready.

Have a look at us in action!

May 23

Probability and The Gambler’s Fallacy

Probability is the chance or likelihood of an event happening.

In class, we’ve discussed and shared plenty of examples in our own lives where probability has played a role in our decision making. Here are some examples:

  • Deciding whether or not to bring an umbrella with you into the mall and being faced with having to carry it around with you everywhere, and perhaps you end up not needing it at all.
  • Playing the lottery
  • deciding what to wear to school based on the weather predictions that day
  • Perhaps your parents can related to this (I can!)–debating whether to fill up your gas tank now…or take the chance that the price will increase when you finally get around to going to the gas station

Our fractions/decimals/percent unit weaves itself nicely into probability because probability shows itself in fraction form, decimal form, and quite often in percent form.

Have you heard of something called Gambler’s Fallacy? This is when people believe that a random process, such as rolling a dice, becomes less random, and more predictable, the more it is repeated.

The gambler’s fallacy usually looks something like this:

  1. Something occurs, i.e. I rolled 9 even dice.
  2. The occurrence differs from what is normally expected, i.e. It is expected that only 4 or 5 of the rolls would produce an even die.
  3. Therefore, the occurrence will end, i.e. I will have to roll an odd die soon.

Have a look below at the video that helps explain what this is.

May 16

What’s the Chance?

In learning about probability, we’ve been playing some games in class such as Horse Race, Race to the Top, and Pig.

Today, we worked in groups to solve a problem involving probability. It was a question from last year’s EQAO test. At first, the problem looked a little unusual, but once the students read it and understood it, it didn’t seem as daunting.

Have a look below at us hard at work:


May 16

What will the future be like?

The future, one of the most mysterious things out there. Some picture a floating city with flying cars, while others think of a barren wasteland, and some just think of the same we have now.

The future is an interesting thing to think about, because everyone has a different idea of what it will be like!

This is what I think the future will be like:I think that the world will be very hot on the surface, so people would have to live underground, and the oceans would be much higher because of the icecaps melting. By then new space technology would be invented (in 3004 or so), and people would try to colonize space. If global warming hasn’t toasted the planet, cars would probably be fully electric. People might have robotic servants, making the attention span even worse.( as if it isn’t bad enough already :P) But the most significant detail I imagine, will be that there will be lots of radiation in some areas, because of countless was in the next 1000 years, but not making the whole world a mess, in fact, people in the future will probably be happier than us, but those are just my thoughts.

img_4271Creative Commons License Toon van Dijk via Compfight

Do you think the future will look like this?

One World Trade, Financial District, Lower ManhattanCreative Commons License Jeffrey Zeldman via Compfight

Or this? Let me know in the comments!

May 16

May the Fourth Be With You Day

Star Wars I loved the Spirit Day on May 4th, “May the Fourth Be With You”. It was awesome because I love the movies.  I was excited to wear my shirt.  It was cool to see everyone dressed up and to hear the music from the movie played over the PA in our school.