Mon. March 8

  • New Word Study words this week
  • Math test (measurement, perimeter, area)–Friday

Thurs. March 4

  • PD day tomorrow
  • Art–try to practice drawing your water droplets one more time 🙂

Wed. March 3

  • Kahoot–at home. Review of Rocks and Minerals (optional).
  • Science test is tomorrow…don’t forget
  • Nonfiction book is due tomorrow

Tues. March 2

  • Science Test–Thurs.
  • Math–finish your questions from class today about seating arrangements/tables (perimeter and area)
  • nonfiction book is due on Thursday–some of you may be bringing home your title page, About the Author or other pages to complete if you are behind. Do you need a picture of yourself for your About the Author?
  • Feel free to email me pictures for your project, if necessary and I can print them for you.

Mon. March 1–Welcome to a new month!

  • Word Study–new words will start next Mon.
  • Fri. Folder went home today
  • Science-test Thurs.

Fri. Feb. 26

  • Word Study–moved to Monday!
  • Science Test–rocks and minerals…next Thurs.
  • Have a great weekend!

Thurs. Feb. 25

  • Word Study–quiz tomorrow
  • Science test–late next week. Check over your notes to make sure everything is complete (except “Crystals”).  We will review in class for our test.

Wed. Feb. 24

  • Blog comment–on our Pink Shirt post. Remember your capitals and punctuation!
  • Pink Shirt day paragraph–finish up if not complete
  • Word Study

Tues. Feb. 23

  • Math quiz tomorrow
  • Research for your nonfiction book–keep looking for information if needed 🙂
  • Word Study
  • Pink Shirt day tomorrow. Stand up against bullying.

Mon. Feb. 22

  • Math quiz (measurement) on Wed.
  • Finish the math pages we discussed in class today, if not done
  • Word Study (except for 1 group)
  • Reading Workshop–begin to gather some of your research. A note went home today.

Thurs., Feb.18

  • Flashlight Friday

Wed. Feb. 17

  • If you were absent from school yesterday, be sure to finish your clocks review sheet
  • Viola Desmond–complete your persuasive paragraph, if not done
  • Flashlight Friday….this Friday!
  • Lent starts today

Tues. Feb. 16

  • Finish your journal entry from class
  • Math–finish your clocks review sheet

Fri. Feb. 12

  • Flag Day on Tuesday. Students may wear a jersey, sweatshirt , t-shirt etc with either a Canadian Flag or a flag representing their own heritage.  This is voluntary.
  • Word Study test postponed until Tues.
  • Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday next week!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day

Thurs. Feb. 11

  • Math–finish mm worksheet (1 side)
  • Word Study–quiz tomorrow
  • Science–title page due tomorrow + your 10 items you can find in and around your home that are made of rocks/minerals
  • wear pink, red, white tomorrow!

Wed. Feb. 10

  • Word Study
  • Math–finish measurement practice (both sides)
  • Science–10 items due Fri.

Tues. Feb. 9

  • Word Study
  • Note went home today from our librarian about our school’s Virtual Book Fair which runs until Friday.

Mon. Feb. 8

  • Word Study–new words today!
  • We have started our measurement unit today learning about the metric system (mm, cm, km)

Fri. Feb. 5

  • Finish math worksheet from Thursday (making change)
  • Read a lot!
  • Friday Folder went home with Word Study quiz inside for most students

Wed. Feb. 3

  • Word Study
  • Science: Bring in a rock (if you can find one!) no bigger than the palm of your hand. Aim for Fri.
  • Finish your 3 sentences and picture to tell me how you felt as we finished our read aloud book.
  • Math–finish your 5 questions subtracting from $10.00

Mon. Feb. 1

  • Word Study
  • DEAR

Tues-Thurs. Dec. 17

  • Act of Kindness assignment
  • Drama Presentation on Thursday

Mon. Dec. 14

  • Homework: In lieu of homework this week, students in our class are invited to complete at least 1 act of kindness. A blue sheet went home today explaining the activity.
  • Drama–be prepared for your drama presentation on Thursday. If you are dressing a certain way, bring your ‘outfit’ in your backpack and you will change at school.

Fri. Dec. 11

  • Would You Rather response sheet–finish all parts
  • Dec. 16–bring in an outfit for your drama presentation, if you and your partner decided you would dress alike.

Wed. Dec. 9

  • Our math test is tomorrow.
  • Reminder: Friday is PJ Day and Flashlight Friday
  • Don’t forget to keep reading!

Tues. Dec. 8

  • Math Test is officially on Thurs. We are reviewing in class.
  • Math–be sure to finish your review questions from p. 70 and p. 63 so we can take it up tomorrow
  • If you are still in need of play doh or plasticine, we will be using it tomorrow to make our 3D sculptures for Social Studies

Mon. Dec. 7

  • Math Test in Data (including how to make a bar graph, how to read a bar graph, what is mode? mean or average? How to use a Venn Diagram, and so on). This will be on Wed. or Thurs.
  • Don’t forget if you are planning to bring in Play Doh or plastiscine, we will be needing it by Wed.
  • Friday is PJ Day and Flashlight Friday

Fri. Dec. 4

  • Enjoy the weekend! Monday our school celebrates the Feast Day of St. Nicholas

Thurs. Dec.3

  • Dec. 11 PJ Day and Flashlight Friday!
  • Canada map quiz tomorrow

Wed. Dec.2

  • Social Studies–finish your Instasnap activity, if not done.
  • Next Wed. we will be requiring plasticine for a Social Studies task. I have yellow, some blue, black, purple, and white. Your child is encouraged to bring some of their own in. Thank you in advance!

Tues. Dec.1

  • Flashlight Friday…Dec.11 which is also PJ day!
  • See below

Mon. Nov. 30

  • No new Word Study words this week! Just review high frequency words
  • Continue to bring in Upower map materials
  • map of Canada quiz Friday
  • December 11- PJ day for everyone
    December 17- Classroom craft afternoon
    December 18 -REd/Green/Christmas costume day

Thurs. Nov. 25

  • Math–ask a parent or 2 to participate in the balancing experiment we did today in class. Record the results in your agenda or math notebook. Be ready to share!
  • Family Life–Upower Map. Share your info. sheet with your parent.
  • Word Study–quiz tomorrow!
  • Language–if not completed in class, finish up the last few questions all about persuasive writing and opinions
  • Off uniform day!

Wed. Nov. 24

  • Word Study
  • A few students have written down “Social Studies rough copy” because they didn’t finish in class.
  • Notices: Bring in a good sized picture (either computer print-off or photo) that can be glued down on a poster.                    Due Mon. 4 x 6 or 5 x 7 are good sizes
  • Bring in an empty Pringles can (or other brand) by Monday (for a future art project)

Mon. Nov. 22

  • Word Study–new words!
  • p. 59 # 4,5   p. 60 # 1,3 out of the math textbook. Finish if you didn’t complete it in class

Fri. Nov. 20

  • Log in to the VLE and try go go back into Pixton. Experiment with making a simple comic strip!
  • Log into Mathletics once inside the VLE and complete some homework tasks
  • Friday Folders went home today

Thurs. Nov. 19

  • Word Study + quiz tomorrow!
  • Socks–wear mismatched socks tomorrow. As a culminating task for Belonging Week at our school, a few classes are wearing non-matching socks to show that even though we are all different, we all belong.  🙂

Tues. Nov. 17

  • Word Study
  • Math is not homework but some students wanted to take it home.

Mon. Nov.16

  • Word Study–new words this week!
  • Reading!

Fri.Nov. 13

  • Last call for an empty cereal box–bring in for Monday
  • Happy weekend!

Thurs. Nov. 12

  • Math–finish your “cookies” practice from this morning
  • Math–bring in an empty cereal box for Monday’s class. If you need it back, you can bring it back home after we finish using it.
  • Jersey Day tomorrow! Wear a jersey if you have one 🙂

Wed. Nov. 11

  • Jersey Day on Friday
  • Science–test on Friday (plants and soils). We will review in class together 🙂

Tues. Nov. 10

  • Math–finish pictograph practice from today
  • Do you need to bring in any pictures for your Science project?
  • Science test on Friday–plants and soils. We did a Kahoot review today in class.

Mon.  Nov. 9

  • Science–feel free to bring in research and materials to put together your Science project on the plant you chose. Letter stickers, stencils, or other useful materials can be brought to class.
  • No Word Study this week. Our new words will be given next week. This gives a great opportunity for many students to review their High Frequency words that they wrote on flash cards.

Fri. Nov. 6

  • If you didn’t get your report card today…you’ll get it on Monday 🙂
  • Math Test Monday
  • Study your High Frequency words in your Word Study duotang

Thurs. Nov. 5

  • Word Study
  • Finish your Haunted House, if not done
  • Religion–finish your picture for What is a Peacemaker
  • Be sure you have decided upon the plant you want to do your research on
  • Don’t forget–math test Monday!

Wed. Nov. 4

  • Word Study–“Blind Sort with a Buddy”

Tues. Nov. 3

  • Word Study
  • Science–Think about which plant you may be interested in researching about. Maybe it’s an herb like cilantro or maybe it’s a flower like the tulip.
  • Don’t forget to read!

Mon. Nov. 2

  • Word Study–follow the instructions in your duotang for Monday’s homework
  • Finish up any incomplete math from class

Fri. Oct. 30

  • Math duotang–if I put a sticky note on any page, please fix up any errors or complete any work that needs finishing
  • Consider reviewing your High Frequency Words
  • Have a wonderful weekend! If you celebrate Halloween, have a spooky one!
  • autumn pumpkin

Thurs. Oct. 29

  • Orange & Black Day tomorrow
  • Flashlight Friday!
  • Word Study–complete your Thursday homework tonight. Be ready for a quiz
  • Math–finish any incomplete patterning work

Wed. Oct. 28

  • Word Study–Wednesday’s homework
  • Science–due tomorrow (see below)
  • Reading!! You can use Epic, Raz Kids or your own book

Tues. Oct. 27

  • Word Study–Tuesday’s homework (unless you completed it during indoor recess)
  • Science–complete your list of How We Use Plants–by Thursday
  • Reading! At least 20 min.

Mon. Oct. 26

  • Friday Folders go home today
  • Word Study–new words were given today. Students are to complete their “Monday” homework which they will find in their white duotang
  • Writer’s Notebook–be sure to finish your ‘journal’ entry about our walk, if it’s not done.
  • Math–is your bell work done? Finish it tonight.

Fri. Oct. 23

  • Friday Folders will go home on Monday instead of today 🙂
  • Have a great weekend!

Thurs. Oct. 22

  • Self-Evaluation for your Learning Skills–please fill the back page with your parents by Friday and return 🙂
  • Math–finish Bell Work from this morning (patterns)
  • Word Study quiz tomorrow
  • Next Friday is Black & Orange Day + Flashlight Friday
  • Dress Down Day tomorrow!

Wed. Oct. 21

  • Do you have any pattern practice that is incomplete?
  • D.E.A.R!

Tues. Oct. 20

  • Word Study–Finish Tuesday’s assignment if not finished from class
  • Write your yellow-highlighted words from your Word Study duotang on cue cards or piece of paper so you can use those to help you study them over time

Mon. Oct. 19

  • Word Study–students are being asked to find some “cue cards” to write down the words from their High Frequency Word List that were highlighted in yellow. If a child has a lot, that’s OK, they can simply choose 10 to start with. On each cue card will be only 1 word. They can study and practice these high frequency words throughout the week.

Fri. Oct. 15

  • Math Test Monday
  • Friday Folders are going home today

Thurs. Oct. 14

  • Flashlight Friday tomorrow
  • Math Test Monday
  • Math–in your notebook, create a collage or collection of pictures that shows patterns in our everyday lives (ex. stripes on a zebra, petals on a flower). Due tomorrow.

Wed. Oct. 14

  • Don’t forget about Flashlight Friday!
  • All About Me Bag–note went home today + a paper bag for the task.
  • Grammar–finish both sides!
  • Math Test Monday (place value, ordering numbers, rounding)

Tues. Oct. 13

  • Flashlight Friday–this Friday! Bring a flashlight to school so we can read in the dark!
  • Math–fix up or complete any work from your duotang
  • Math–in your notebook, create a collage or collection of pictures that shows patterns in our everyday lives (ex. stripes on a zebra, petals on a flower). Due Friday.

Fri. Oct. 9

  • Friday Folders went home today
  • Read and share your beautiful prayers you made!
  • Happy Thanksgiving!

Thurs. Oct. 8

  • Writing–finish your 4th entry (today we were either writing a brand new entry OR we took an old entry and rewrote it so it had more details and was more focused)
  • Alligator Math–finish your sheet
  • Don’t forget to read!

Wed. Oct. 7

  • Math quiz tomorrow (rounding, place value)
  • Read!

Tues. Oct. 6

  • Finish Math Mystery #1 if not done…do your best 🙂
  • Math–finish “hats” worksheet (rounding to nearest 10)
  • Writing–if not done, finish your 3rd entry which was your “choice”.

Mon.Oct. 5

  • Finish up any of your 2 writing entries. One was about a person that matters to you. The other was about a place that matters to you.
  • We will have a place value + rounding quiz this Thursday
  • Math–some of you have a little catching up to do in your math duotang (rounding practice from last week!)

Fri. Oct. 2

  • Indoor shoes–can be brought to school starting Monday
  • Math–finish any incomplete rounding practice

Thurs. Oct. 1

  • Try to log in to the VLE (online learning platform) by Friday. If you can’t, please let me know.
  • Science–finish work from class today, if not done.

Wed. Sept. 30

  • Try to log in to the VLE and then answer the riddle Mrs. Sullivan left. You can write what you think is the answer in your agenda
  • Math–finish any incomplete worsheets in your duotang
  • Read–20 minutes at home!

Tues. Sept. 29

  • Science–finish note from today
  • Don’t forget to read!

Mon. Sept. 28

  • Tomorrow is ORANGE shirt day in a spirit of reconciliation and hope. We recognize Canada’s history with residential schools and the impact that has had on our nation.
  • Science–finish your work about how we use soil in our lives, if not done.

Fri. Sept. 25

  • Happy Friday!
  • Don’t forget to read over the weekend
  • Finish your Reader’s Notebook work from today, if not done
  • Tuesday is Orange Shirt Day

Thurs. Sept. 24

  • Science–finish your work from today about soil
  • Don’t forget to read 20 minutes each night!

Wed. Sept. 23

  • Terry Fox Run (during our gym time) is tomorrow
  • Students received their lanyards today for their masks. They may take them home each day. Please put your child’s name on theirs 🙂

Monday Sept 14-Thursday Sept. 17

  • Parent Questionnaire–please return as soon as you can!
  • Dot Day is Friday! A note went home in agendas

Fri. March 13

  • Friday Folders went home today.
  • Wash gym clothes
  • Check in with our blog once/week
  • Plant your seeds! Some of you received wheat seeds, others received soybean.
  • Next bloggers are: Lola, Henry, Chloe, Logan

Thurs. March 12

  • Word Study
  • Science-finish colouring your 4 boxes from class today
  • Green + White day tomorrow OR wear uniform

Tues. March. 10

  • Word Study (if you didn’t finish from the class time you had today)

Mon. March 9

  • Math–finish front side only of Division page (if not done)
  • Multiplication quiz tomorrow
  • Science–finish + colour your layers of soil
  • Word Study

Mon. March 2

  • No Word Study this week (we are only in school 3 days together). Instead, students are asked to review their high frequency words and past words.

Fri. Feb. 28

  • Math–finish multiplication practice
  • nonfiction–About the Author picture (draw it or glue your picture down) and write your paragraph about yourself.

Thurs. Feb. 27

  • Word Study
  • Non uniform day Friday

Wed. Feb. 26–Ash Wednesday

  • Lent begins today
  • Measurement test tomorrow. Grade 3s have a few questions for review. Grade 4s, review your notes and work from class
  • Word Study

Tues. Feb. 25

  • Word Study
  • Measurement Test Thurs. Math: practice questions (glued into math notebook)
  • Ash Wednesday tomorrow–Mass at school 1:30
  • French–finish what you need to

Mon. Feb. 24

  • Word Study
  • Research? You can bring in your research from home for your nonfiction project
  • Measurement test–Thurs.

Thurs. Feb. 20

  • Title page for your nonfiction booklet due Monday. Be sure you have an appropriate title for your chosen topic (ex. All About Geckos) and your name written neatly on the front
  • Paragraph (in Writer’s Notebook) about your Winter Activity experience

Wed. Feb. 19

  • Tomorrow is our Winter Activity Day–tubing or skating. Come prepared
  • Math quiz coming home today to get signed. Please return

Tues. Feb. 18

  • Dance-a-Thon tomorrow! We will be dancing with the Primary classes (as we are a split 3/4 class)
  • DEAR
  • No Word Study this week

Fri. Feb. 14

  • Happy  Valentine’s Day! See you Tuesday
  • Friday Folders went home today
  • Wednesday February 19–Dance-a-Thon. Students are invited to wear bright/neon and white coloured clothing to the dance.  If students choose to dress in bright coloured clothing, it is a non-uniform day for them; if students choose not to, then it is a regular school uniform day for them.
  • Thursday February 20–Winter Activity Day (non-uniform day). For students who are tubing (students in grades 4-8), they are welcome to bring their own snow sport helmet (either ski or snowboard) with them to the tubing trip. Students who are skating (students in grades 1-3) must wear a CSA-approved at all times when on the ice.

Thurs. Feb. 13

  • Word Study + quiz tomorrow
  • Measurement quiz tomorrow
  • Red/Pink/White Day tomorrow or you can wear your uniform.

Wed. Feb. 12

  • Word Study
  • Grade 4s–finish up elapsed time
  • Gr.3–last day swimming tomorrow

For Valentine’s Day…

Julian, Lola, Peter, Mason, Nicole, Romeo, Lucas, Ella, Julia, Sophia, Tobelum, Daya, Paul, Isabella, Chloe, Henry, Dove, Owen, Manuela, Logan, Reese, Harry

Tues. Feb. 11

  • Word Study
  • Book Fair–our visit is tomorrow. Students have until Thurs. night to purchase anything at the Fair
  • Math–finish any incomplete measurement practice from your duotang

Mon. Feb. 10

  • Word Study–new words this week
  • Math: finish any bell work + Perimeter practice “Measuring Shapes” both sides.

Wed. Feb. 5

  • Permission forms for upcoming field trip–see below
  • Healthy recipe (along with a written paragraph in Writer’s Notebook) due Friday
  • Gr.3 swimming Thurs.

Mon. Feb. 3

  • Permission form–Skating OR Tubing. Please return as soon as possible
  • Healthy recipe + paragraph due Feb. 7
  • Swimming Thursday (gr.3)
  • Telling Time worksheet (both sides)
  • Social Studies test moved to  Wed.

Tues. Jan. 28

  • Gr. 3–Social Studies test Monday (all about Ontario)
  • Recipe–please bring in by Feb. 7
  • Gr.3–Swimming Thurs.
  • Word Study

Mon. Jan. 27

  • Math Test tomorrow–addition and subtraction.
  • Word Study–new words
  • Letter went home today regarding bringing in a recipe by Feb. 7th
  • Gr.3–Swimming Thursday morning

Thurs. Jan. 23

  • Math Test moved to Tuesday
  • Have a great weekend!

Wed. Jan. 22

  • Math test–addition and subtraction on Monday
  • Friday Folder–please return

Mon. Jan. 20

  • No word study this week, but DO review your high frequency words
  • Math–finish 3 subtraction questions from class. Quiz Wed. just on subtraction.
  • Gr.3–Social studies–feel free to gather some research at home and bring to school for your project on your special community.

Thurs. Jan. 16

  • Word Study quiz tomorrow
  • Bring in an empty cereal box or granola bar box (with nutrition label visible)
  • Math–finish your practice questions that have to do with subtraction

Wed. Jan. 15

  • Reading Workshop–finish “The Race”
  • Word Study
  • Mass tomorrow afternoon at school
  • Bring in an empty cereal box or granola bar box (with nutrition label visible)

Tues. Jan. 14

  • Word Study (new words today). No Word Study next week.
  • Addition quiz tomorrow

Mon. Jan. 13

  • Math–finish your few practice questions from class.
  • Math–Addition quiz Wednesday (be comfortable with at least 2 different strategies)
  • Read!

Thurs. Jan. 9

  • Word Study quiz tomorrow
  • Gr.3 quiz Monday–provinces and territories
  • Family Life–what can you  learn about your last name? Does it have a special meaning?

Wed. Jan. 8

  • Word Study
  • Math–try your best in finishing the few questions from class today all about the Numberline/Jumping strategy
  • Gr.3–Social Studies is due tomorrow (Urban/Rural)

Tues. Jan. 7

  • Word Study
  • Math–finish 4 questions (break-apart method)
  • Reading!

Mon. Jan. 6

  • Grade 3s–Urban/Rural task due Thurs.
  • Word Study
  • Mathletics–finish tasks from today, if not done

Wed. Dec. 18

  • Mass @ church in the morning
  • See below for reminders
  • Dress down day is Friday

Tues. Dec. 17

  • See below for reminders 🙂

Mon. Dec. 16

  • Book Swap is happening this Thurs.
  • Math test tomorrow
  • Dress down days–Wednesday AND Friday
  • Gr.4–Social Studies quiz Wed. (Canada + capitals)
  • Act of Kindness assignment–given today 🙂

Fri. Dec. 13

  • Math test Tuesday (2D Geometry, symmetry, angles)
  • Gr.4–Social Studies quiz Wed. (Canada + capitals)
  • Book Swap is happening next Thursday! Please bring in a wrapped (anonymous) book by Tuesday

Thurs. Dec. 12

  • Flashlight Friday is tomorrow!
  • Word Study + quiz tomorrow
  • Math–2D Geometry test on Tuesday of next week

Wed. Dec. 11

  • Christmas Concert tonight…no homework. Students had time in class to complete their math and Word Study. Show up by 6:15 to the classroom. Wear Christmas colours. Students had time in class to complete their math and Word Study
  • Flashlight Friday—in 2 days!
  • Don’t forget about our Book Swap next Thursday. Please email me if you have any questions.

Tues. Dec. 10

  • Christmas Concert tomorrow!
  • Word Study (some students may be finished as there was some class time to work on it)

Mon. Dec. 9

  • Flashlight Friday this Friday!
  • Pringles container–Wed. please
  • Word Study

Thurs. Dec. 5

  • Math: finish your “Quadrilaterals” practice sheet
  • Bring in an empty regular-sized Pringles container for next Wed.
  • Nativity cutout due tomorrow pretty please
  • Flashlight Friday is next Friday 🙂

Wed. Dec. 4

  • Grocery Flyers by Thursday
  • Nativity cutout–bring back by Friday
  • Reading!

Tues. Dec. 3

  • Grade 4s–keep reviewing parts of Canada + capitals
  • Grade 3s–review parts of Canada
  • Field trip tomorrow! We leave at 10:15am
  • Grocery Flyers by Thursday
  • Nativity cutout–bring back by Friday

Mon. Dec. 2

  • Bring in grocery flyers by Thursday
  • Reading Workshop: finish the first page from Chapter 1 of Stone Fox

Fri. Nov. 29

  • Fri. Folder went home today
  • Science test Monday

Thurs. Nov. 28

  • Dress down day tomorrow!
  • Math test tomorrow–data
  • Word Study quiz tomorrow

Wed. Nov. 27

  • Math–you may wish to review some of your work from this unit. You can also finish up any Mathletics review questions.
  • Social Studies–complete your map
  • Word Study
  • Science Test Monday (we’ll be reviewing in class)

Tues. Nov. 26

  • Math–finish review questions. Math test Friday all about data, reading data, making graphs, mode (Gr.3 and 4), median (Gr.4)…
  • Word Study
  • Science Test Monday

Mon. Nov. 25

  • Word Study

Fri. Nov. 22

  • Science–if you need to practice your presentation, do so over the weekend.

Thurs. Nov. 21

  • Gr.4s–finish your Stem and Leaf Plot practice sheet
  • Gr.3s–finish your review sheet

Wed. Nov. 20

  • Reading
  • Mathletics–10 minutes

Tues. Nov. 19

  • Reading tonight!
  • Permission form went home today for Dec. 4th trip to Spriet Theatre at Covent Garden Market

Mon. Nov. 18

  • No Word Study this week. Quiz from last week will be returned tomorrow!
  • Math: finish any remaining questions from your math textbook today
  • Reading: 20 minutes!

Thursday Nov. 14

  • Word Study quiz will be Monday
  • Have a super weekend!

Tues. Nov. 12

  • Word Study

Mon. Nov. 11

  • Postcards for Peace–today, students brought home a postcard. You can go to veterans.gc.ca/educators and search for “Postcards for Peace”. You will find mailing options for: older Veterans in long-term care facilities, younger Veterans and their families, current Canadian Armed Forces members serving in Canada or overseas
  • Word Study
  • Religion–finish “4 squares” activity

Thurs. Nov. 7

  • Word Study! Students should be taking home their Word Study each night.

Wed. Nov. 6

  • Science–Final project assigned (this is a partner or trio project). The partners need to decide who will bring in a shoebox by Monday. We have discussed the various materials that they will need to create their Habitat Diorama.
  • Bring in shoebox + diorama building materials starting on Monday Nov. 11th.
  • Word Study

Tues. Nov. 5

  • Word Study
  • Science–finish your “Habitat Destruction” work from class. Please colour using pencil crayon.

Mon. Nov. 4

  • Word Study–new words today.
  • Reading!
  • If wanting to know how to log in to Mathletics, follow these steps:

1. visit www.ldcsb.ca

2. Scroll over top of “Have a Question” in the top Right hand corner

3. Click on “My LDCSB”

4. Log in using student number and password. All students know this info.

5. Click on big orange box “Virtual Learning Environment”

6. Click on Mathletics


  • Mathletics–finish up any incomplete assigned tasks
  • Fri. Folders went home (only Word Study quiz to be signed)

Thurs. Oct. 31

  • Happy Halloween!

Wed. Oct. 30

  • Tomorrow we are bowling and will leave right away.
  • Bring a flashlight for Friday
  • Word Study
  • Purple Parent/Teacher Conference form went home with Youngest or Only

Tues.Oct. 29

  • Word Study–some students had time in school today
  • Flashlight Friday–this Friday
  • Writing–keep working on your narrative (the body of your story) for about 15 minutes.

Mon. Oct. 28

  • Flashlight Friday! This Nov.1st. Note went home today in agenda.
  • Word Study–new words today

Thurs. Oct. 24

  • PD Day tomorrow!
  • Math test Monday–all about patterning
  • Finish any remaining questions from our textbook practice from Wed.


  • Math test on Patterning-Mon.
  • Word Study–our quiz is tomorrow
  • Dress down day tomorrow

Tues. Oct. 22

  • Word Study
  • Grade 4s–please correct and/or finish any incomplete work from your duotang.

Mon. Oct. 21

  • Word Study today
  • Math duotang–if you have any unfinished work inside, please finish up

Fri. Oct. 18

  • No homework, just 30 minutes + reading
  • Practice counting backwards by 2s starting from any double digit number.

Thurs. Oct. 17

  • Wear your Spirit Wear tomorrow! If you don’t have any spirit wear, you can “dress down”
  • Math–finish your patterning practice handout

Wed. Oct. 16

  • Math–finish up your questions from class today
  • Science–finish up the back side of your Animal Adaptations page.
  • We start our chess lessons tomorrow!
  • Book Tasting Friday

Tues. Oct. 15

  • Writing: For your personal narrative, be sure your introduction or “lead” is finished for Mrs. S to look at tomorrow
  • Science–finish the 4th box on the Animal Adaptations page we were doing together today.
  • Word Study will resume next Monday!

Fri. Oct. 11

  • Friday folders going home today.
  • No homework! Have a super weekend 🙂
  • French test postponed until Tuesday


  • Word Study–our quiz is tomorrow
  • Writing–finish writing your lead (or first few sentences of your introduction)
  • Turkey Trot tomorrow +Turkey Bingo in the afternoon

Wed. Oct. 9

  • Mass is tomorrow at Church. 9:45
  • Word Study
  • Could you look up California on Google and find out where it is in the world. Find 1 fact about the state and be ready to share with the class tomorrow!

Tues. Oct. 8

  • Word Study
  • Thanksgiving Food Drive ends on Thursday
  • Grade 1-3 will participate in the annual Turkey Trot @ 10:45 Friday at school. Grade 4s will help out with the activity
  • Mass on Thursday 9:45

Mon. Oct. 7

  • Writing Workshop: make sure you  have chosen your story idea and put a star next to it.
  • Word Study–we have started in our Word Study groups today!
  • DEAR
  • Food Drive has started and ends on Oct. 10 where the canned food items will be brought to Mass.

Fri. Oct. 4

  • Reading Workshop–finish sentence about why Stella Diaz wanted to be an octopus
  • Gr. 4 EQAO results went home today with your child

Thurs. Oct. 3

  • Writing–finish writing from class today.
  • Orange Shirt Day is tomorrow
  • Mass next Thurs.

Wed. Oct. 2

  • Math: finish practice from today
  • *headphones for class*
  • Orange shirt day –Friday
  • Math Test Monday

Tues. Oct. 1

  • Orange Shirt Day Fri.
  • Science–finish sheet from today
  • Writing: spend 10 minutes working on your entry from today. (Let an object spark a memory for you. Write about that memory)
  • Math Test Monday–rounding, place value, ordering numbers

Mon. Sept. 30

  • Fri. Folder went home today
  • DEAR: 20 minutes!
  • Students are asked to bring in headphones or earbuds to use throughout the school year. They will be kept at school and returned at the end of the year.
  • Orange Shirt Day–Friday. We will prepare for this later this week.

Thurs. Sept. 26

  • Word Study–finish your dictionary definitions of 3 or 4 of your words. Quiz Monday
  • Students are asked to bring in headphones or earbuds to use throughout the school year. They will be kept at school and returned at the end of the year.
  • Friday Folders will go home on Monday

Wed. Sept. 25

  • Word Study–syllables
  • DEAR
  • Terry Fox Run tomorrow afternoon
  • Dress Down Day!

Tues. Sept. 24

  • Gr.4s are going to Springbank Park tomorrow morning for Cross Country. Dress for the weather, wear appropriate running shoes, bring a blanket, snack, water, and perhaps sunscreen + hat.
  • Order of races: 11, 10, 9, 13 and 12 year olds. For each age group, the girls will race first
  • Word Study–complete Tuesday’s homework “Five Alive”, if not done from class.

Mon. Sept. 23

  • Religion–if you haven’t brought in a small rock yet, please do so
  • Word Study–complete “Monday’s” homework assignment.
  • $2 for Terry
  • Grade 4s–Cross Country meet at Springbank this Wed.
  • Reading 20 minutes

Thurs. Sept. 19

  • Only homework is to finish your Heaven picture from Religion class!
  • See you hopefully at the Open House!

Wed. Sept. 18

  • Picture Day for our class on Thursday!
  • Open House Thurs. 4:30-6pm
  • All About Me Bag Presentation–a note went home with students on Tuesday about which day they will be presenting on.
  • Math quiz this week! Review place value, comparing, ordering numbers, representing numbers

Tues. Sept. 17

  • Reading Workshop: finish picture based on the book Four Feet Two Sandals. Colour.
  • Newspaper–due Thurs.
  • Open House Thurs!
  • Math: Bell Work
  • Science–finish colouring if you’re not done yet

Mon. Sept. 16

  • Reminder: Open House Thursday 4:30-6:00. Food trucks will be there!
  • Math: finish Bell Work only
  • Gr.4s–permission forms for Cross Country (1 is for Regina Mundi College, the other is for Springbank Park)
  • Newspaper–due Thursday

Fri. Sept. 13

  • Reading this weekend…aim for a minimum of 30 minutes
  • Friday Folders went home today

Thurs. Sept. 12

  • DOT DAY tomorrow!
  • Religion–finish your Our Father prayer
  • Reading–20 minutes

Wed. Sept. 11

  • Reading: 20 minutes
  • Math: Grade 3s–Write your own 3 numbers (must be 3-digits) and then write them in 3 different ways. (expanded form, picture, in words).  Grade 4s– Write your own 3 numbers (must be 4 digits) and then write them in 3 different ways.

Tues. Sept. 10

  • Writing–finish your entry from class today
  • Reading–20 minutes

Mon. Sept. 9

  • Finish Religion from today (Hail Mary)
  • Read at home for 20 minutes
  • Don’t forget about Dot Day this Friday!

Fri. Sept. 6

  • Parent Questionnaires (green form) please return by Monday
  • Student Verification forms–please return as soon as possible
  • Dot Day–next Friday! See letter that went home today in the Friday Folder
  • Writing–students are to decorate their notebook (see letter about this) and finish their first entry by Monday.

Thurs. Sept. 5

  • Student Verification Forms went home today (green paper). Please look at it, make any corrections and hand back in as soon as you can
  • Movie Night tomorrow @ 7:45 at Riverbend Park (near the playground). Food trucks and inflatables earlier in the evening. Bring chairs and blankets.

Tues. Sept. 3

  • Welcome Back! Agendas have not arrived yet, unfortunately. Check in here often.
  • Green ‘Parent Questionnaire was sent home today. Kindly return by Mon.
  • Gym is Mondays and Thursdays but we will be outside Mon, Wed, Fri for Cross Country practice (running or walking) for the next several weeks.








Wed. June 26

  • Picnic lunch tomorrow
  • Non uniform day!
  • Bring a USB from home (you will get it back )
  • If you brought home your personal dictionary (white/black cover), return to school tomorrow

Tues. June 25

  • Picnic lunch on Thursday (last day). Bring lunch and blanket to sit on
  • Soccer tomorrow! Wear your assigned colour
  • Non uniform day!

Mon. June 24

  • No homework this week
  • Tomorrow is the fashion show for French class
  • Wed. is primary soccer (weather pending). Students are asked to wear a certain colour shirt. They will know their colour tomorrow.

Wed. June 19

  • No homework this week. Just please note that our field trip to Camp KeeMoKee is on Monday. Students wrote down in their agendas everything they should bring with them, including a lunch and waterbottle.
  • See below regarding t-shirts + poetry book

Mon. June 17

  • Note went home today inside agenda regarding a tie-dye t-shirt the students will be making this week.
  • Poetry Anthology–please submit payment if you ordered one
  • Class Trip on Monday to Camp KeeMoKee. Please return permission form if you haven’t yet
  • Tomorrow is our visit to McCormick Home. We will be walking there. Pay attention to the weather.

Thurs. June 13

  • Social Studies quiz tomorrow. We have reviewed in class. Students are encouraged to look over their notes today
  • Health Rap (about healthy teeth and gums) is tomorrow
  • Return any library books

Wed. June 12

  • French play tomorrow at lunch time
  • permission forms for various trips…see below
  • Family Life–finish questions about yourself when you were a baby

Mon. June 10

  • Reminders: if you haven’t brought in a pillow case, please do so by tomorrow at the latest 🙂 Thank you!
  • Reminders: if you can, please send in a baby picture (or you can email me one!) as soon as possible.
  • Permission form went home today for our end of year trip!
  • If you requested a poetry book, a note went home today. Please return tomorrow morning.

Thurs. June 6

  • No homework this weekend…except to read!
  • Permission form went home today in your child’s agenda about a visit to the McCormick Home around the corner. We will be walking there June 18.

Tues. June 4

  • School BBQ tomorrow 4:30pm
  • Writing–find a picture of something that interests you. Write a poem inspired by this picture.
  • Poetry Anthology Class Book–if you are interested in ordering your own copy, please let me know as soon as possible! Thanks.

Mon. June 3

  • Bring in your Dance Fest outfit (black pants or leggings  + white t-shirt)
  • DEAR (Drop Everything and Read)
  • Poem–finish the one you started in class + craft one more! Remember the different techniques you’ve learned about in class

Thurs. May 30

  • Social Studies–do you need anything for your diorama?
  • BBQ raffle basket–last call!
  • An invitation was sent home to families today re: Volunteer Luncheon June 6. Families are asked to RSVP to Trish either by calling or by e-mail
  • RSVP to blog post re: Harry Potter Party



  • Tomorrow we will be starting to create our First Nations and/or Early Settlers dioramas. Be ready!
  • Shrek Jr. Cast Party moved to Monday @ lunch time in gym
  • Keep bringing in some items for  our CHOCOLATE AND CANDY basket for the BBQ next week! (BBQ is June 5 @ 4:30)
  • Finish your poem about your chosen family member…focus on trying to use some personification, simile, or metaphors
  • An invitation was sent home to families today re: Volunteer Luncheon June 6. Families are asked to RSVP to Trish either by calling or by e-mail

Tues. May 28

  • Last day of EQAO tomorrow! Wahoo!
  • “Camp Out” is tomorrow afternoon in our classroom. We will be gathering around our “campfire”, in the dark, celebrating our Realistic Fiction stories. Bring a flashlight! Wear PJs if you like (bring to school)

Mon. May 27

  • Social Studies–bring in materials for your diorama by Thursday. Share your outline with your parent(s)
  • Social Studies–read over the 4 journals in your notebook
  • continue to bring in chocolate/candy/chips for our BBQ basket

Fri. May 24

  • see below.
  • Happy Weekend!

Thurs. May 23

  • Dance Fest–June 6. Make up: black lipstick, bring black eyeliner to use on eyes and to draw lines on face. Pink or Red circles (size of a quarter) on cheek. Wear: black pants or leggings, white short-sleeved shirt tucked in
  • Social Studies–bring in a shoebox by next Thurs. Also, students have been asked to bring in any materials they’d like for their diorama of Early Settlers and First Nations people. We will begin building in the afternoon and continue on Friday. More details to be discussed in class tomorrow
  • Bring in a plain pillowcase by June 10 (you can bring in one you already have in your home or a new one).

Wed. May 22

  • Social Studies–finish 2 questions from your Metis sheet today
  • Bring in a shoebox for next Thursday

Tues. May 21

  • Poetry–do you have a small object that you can bring in to share-something different or unusual such as a seashell, pinecone, etc?
  • Social Studies–do you need to finish your work from today?

Fri. May 17

  • Read lots over the weekend 🙂
  • Try to leave a comment on our blog

Thurs. May 16

  • EQAO booklet due tomorrow

Wed. May 15

  • continue working on EQAO review booklet. We’ll take it up Friday together.

Tues. May 14

  • Realistic Fiction story due tomorrow
  • Social Studies–finish up questions from diary entry

Fri. May 10

  • Final copy of fiction book due next Wed. Time will continue to be given in class but students may choose to work on parts at home as well
  • EQAO due Monday
  • Happy Mother’s Day!

Thurs. May 9

  • See Wednesday 🙂

Wed. May 8

  • Final copy of fiction book due next Wed. Time will be given in class but students may choose to work on parts at home as well
  • EQAO due Monday
  • School show tonight starts at 7pm. Students should be at school by 6pm

Tues. May 7

  • Math: finish math fractions practice from class today
  • School Show tonight–students need to be at school by 6pm
  • EQAO booklet due Monday
  • See below regarding drafting due date…which is tomorrow

Mon. May 6

  • Rough copy of fiction story due Wed. Drafting must continue as peer editing will take place Wed.
  • EQAO booklet due next Monday

Fri. May 3

  • Fri. Folder went home today
  • See below for information regarding writing out the rough copy for your Realistic Fiction story. Peer and teacher editing will take place next Wed.
  • Have a great weekend!

Thurs. May 2

  • Continue drafting in your Writer’s Notebook. Your drafting is based off of your storyboard (yellow paper).
  • Good paper for your title page was given to you today. You may work on that. Be sure to include the title of your and your name
  • Rough draft of story due May 8. Good copy due May 15

Wed. May 1–The Month of Mary

Grandparents Day!

  • As with most of this week, continue drafting in your WW notebook.
  • EQAO booklet due Friday

Mon. April 29

  • EQAO review booklet #2 due Friday
  • Continue drafting your Realistic Fiction story

Fri. April 26

  • Read over the weekend
  • If you need to bring in any “finishing touches” for your robot, please bring in for Monday

Thurs. April 25

  • Bring in items to build your “3D Robot”. This is for our Math/Art task (ie. look in your recycling bin for things like Kleenex box, paper towel rolls, juice boxes, straws, Toblerone bar wrapper, bottle caps, etc)
  • EQAO review booklet due tomorrow
  • If not quite done, work on finishing your storyboard for your fiction story
  • Final submission forms for Shrek t-shirts, best wishes and Grandparents Day.
  • Off uniform day tomorrow

Thurs. April 18

  • Happy Easter weekend!
  • Friday Folders went home today

Wed. April 17

  • Math–finish (both sides) of math practice to do with 3D solids
  • Holy Thursday is tomorrow

Tues. April 16

  • Puppet stuff? Don’t forget to bring in for tomorrow
  • Religion–finish your “newspaper” picture
  • DEAR (Drop Everything and Read)

Thurs. April 11

  • Word Study quiz tomorrow
  • Sill Hair Day tomorrow!
  • Math: finish your textbook questions, if you have any

Wed. April 10

  • Word Study
  • Math: Question #2 from your worksheet
  • Silly Hair Day–Friday

Tues. April 9

  • Word Study
  • Review for Science test

Mon. April 8

  • Word Study
  • Sci. Test Wed. We will be reviewing the entire Science class tomorrow
  • Writing: continue working on your house “map” & choose one of your ideas from your map and write about it.
  • If you indicated you wanted to order our class book The Best Part of Me, please return your ‘order form’ + payment as soon as possible.

Fri. April 5

  • Sci. Test Wed.
  • Reading!

Thurs. April 4

  • No Friday folders today.
  • Science test on Wed (forces and motion)
  • Read lots this long weekend! Friday is a PD Day

Wed. April 3

  • Science Test next Wed.
  • Book Tasting Tomorrow
  • Egg Drop postponed until tomorrow (too windy today)

Tues. April 2

  • Math Test tomorrow. Finish your review practice sheet from class
  • Writing Workshop: finish your entry from today

Mon. April 1

  • No Word Study this week
  • School Show–return paper ticket order forms if you want tickets
  • Math test Wed.
  • 2nd day for building your science design is tomorrow. Do you need to bring in anything else to complete your design?

Fri. Mar. 29

  • Fri. Folders went home today
  • Math test (multiplication & division) Wed.
  • Science materials–be sure you have what you need for Mon.

Thurs. Mar. 28

  • Word Study quiz tomorrow
  • Math: finish math division practice (both sides)
  • Science–don’t forget your materials for Egg Drop experiment on Monday
  • next Thursday is our Book Tasting

Wed. Mar. 27

  • Word Study
  • Science–materials due on Monday for our Egg Drop experiment
  • Writing–finish your entry about a realistic fiction idea

Tues. Mar. 26

  • Word Study
  • Math: finish any incomplete math practice (division or multiplication) from today

Mon. March 25

  • Science–finish Gravity task
  • Word Study–new words
  • Reading!

Fri. March 22

  • Fri. Folders go home
  • Don’t forget to snuggle up with a good book this weekend 🙂

Thurs. March 21

  • Inferences–2nd page
  • Word Study Quiz tomorrow
  • Do you have a library book to be returned?

Wed. March 20

  • Word Study
  • Inferences–do first 3 only

Tues. March 19

  • Science–finishing drawing colouring your picture
  • Word Study
  • Math–review your “doubles” (or 2 times tables)

Mon. March 18

  • Word Study–new words
  • Find someone (or even a pet!) to teach them how to do the 9 times tables on your fingers

Thurs. Mar. 7

  • Green & White Day tomorrow
  • don’t forget to read for at least 20 minutes!

Wed. Mar. 6

  • Finish math text work from class, if not done (arrays)
  • Finish journal entry

Tues. Mar. 5

  • Ash Wed. mass tomorrow 2pm @ school
  • French test tomorrow

Mon. March 4

  • Shrove Tuesday starts tomorrow. Pancakes will be served in class! Please bring a reusable fork so we reduce our waste
  • Word Study quiz signed

Thurs. Feb. 28

  • Skating tomorrow at Bostwick Arena. Bring helmet, skates, snow pants, warm clothes, mitts or gloves. We will eat lunch around 11am
  • Board Games–if you have one you’d like to bring tomorrow, please do
  • Word Study test tomorrow
  • Math Test Monday

Wed. Feb. 27

  • Math Test Monday (measurement–see below)
  • Dress as a Pioneer Day tomorrow (optional)
  • For Friday–bring in a board game if you like
  • Word Study

Tues. Feb. 26

  • March 1 will be a non-uniform day.
  • Hot lunch, for all students who ordered hot lunch, has been changed from Friday, March 1 to Monday, March 4. 
  • Word Study
  • Jersey Day tomorrow!
  • Math Test Monday (all about Measurement–telling time, linear measurement, problem-solving questions, temperature)
  • Skating on Friday (don’t forget helmet, skates, and warm clothing)

Mon. Feb. 25

  • Crazy Hair Day tomorrow or Crazy Hat Day
  • Skating Friday. Bus departs 11:40am and returns 1:30pm. Lunch will have to be eaten earlier than usual.
  • Word Study

Fri. Feb. 22

  • Math Quiz Monday on Measurement. Linear measurement (using a ruler), time.
  • Monday we begin presentations for Biography in a Bag.
  • Don’t forget to do lots of reading over the weekend 🙂
  • Congratulations to Cristiano for winning a $25 Book Fair certificate!

Thurs. Feb. 21

  • Try to leave a comment on one of your classmate’s blog posts.
  • Finish up any incomplete math work from your duotang (especially related to measurement)
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences tonight!

Wed. Feb. 20

  • Biography in a Bag–presentations start on Monday! Continue to prepare for which 8-12 items you will put in your “bag”.
  • Read tonight! 20 minutes 🙂
  • Last day for the Book Fair tomorrow

Tues. Feb. 19

  • Report Card envelope–return
  • Math: finish Bell Work (perimeter + clocks) worksheet
  • Biography in a Bag–do you need to bring in any further research?
  • Book Fair tomorrow!

Fri. Feb. 15

  • Friday Folders go home today with Report Cards inside + permission form for skating March 1 @ Bostwick Arena. No cost.
  • Family Day Monday
  • Try to leave a comment on a blog post of your choice over the long weekend.
  • Book Fair begins next week. Our scheduled day is Wednesday.

Thurs. Feb. 14–Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Reading–aim for 20 minutes tonight
  • Dance-a-thon tomorrow! Wear bright colours/reflective clothing if you have some!
  • Book Fair next week. Our schedule day is Wed.
  • Report Cards home tomorrow
  • Please return yellow Parent/Teacher conference form if you haven’t already. It was sent home with Oldest and Only students.

Wed. Feb. 13

  • Mass tomorrow 2pm
  • Red, White, Pink Day tomorrow
  • Library books due tomorrow
  • If you have any incomplete math from earlier this week, please complete.

Mon. Feb. 11

  • Fri. Folder went home today along with Parent/Teacher Conference forms
  • Math test: try your best to make corrections on the lined paper you were sent home with. Hand back in tomorrow
  • French Test Wed.

Fri. Feb. 8

  • Friday Folder will go home on Monday instead of today. Parent/Teacher conference forms will also go home on Monday
  • Read 20+ minutes 🙂

Thurs. Feb. 7

  • Word Study test tomorrow
  • Math: finish any incomplete measurement practice from class
  • Dance-a-thon Fundraiser–bring any money in as soon as possible! Dance is next Friday.

Tues. Feb. 5

  • Word Study
  • Reading

Mon. Feb. 4

  • Word Study
  • Reading!

Fri. Feb. 1

  • No homework except reading this weekend
  • Math Test Monday

Thurs. Jan. 31

  • Math: finish questions #1-4 from our board. Also, p. 106   A. Use items from around your home.
  • Dress as your favourite fairy tale character or wear your uniform.

Wed. Jan. 30

  • Comment on A.J.’s blog post
  • Math Test Monday
  • Writing: finish your planning sheet (the one with circles on it) for your persuasive letter.

Tues. Jan. 29

  • No Word Study this week
  • Math Test (addition, subtraction) next Monday
  • Reading: 30 minutes

Fri. Jan. 25

  • Swimming on Monday. Last day!
  • Fri. folder went home today
  • Social Studies Test on Tuesday.

Thurs. Jan. 24

  • Social Studies–test Tues.
  • Social Studies–finish municipality services sheet (draw pictures in each box)
  • Word Study quiz tomorrow
  • Dress Down day tomorrow

Wed. Jan. 23

  • Word Study
  • Math: finish textbook questions from class today, if not done.
  • Social Studies test next Tuesday (Review will begin in class this week)
  • Social Studies: add colour, pictures, symbols, words for your Canada and London circles

Tues. Jan. 22

  • Try to go on Mathletics at home for 10 minutes
  • Finish your 4 Subtraction questions from class today
  • Word Study–new words today

Mon. Jan. 21

  • Make sure your math is finished from Thursday (2 practice sheets)
  • Social Studies Test next Tuesday (all about Ontario)
  • Review your number line strategy for subtraction
  • Social Studies Research Project–you may bring in to school any research you gather at home. Each student is working with a partner to learn about their chosen Ontario community.

Thurs. Jan. 17

  • Math–finish practice sheets from class (subtraction)
  • Monday is swimming

Wed. Jan. 16

  • Family Life–in your notebook, please finish your sentences about the books we read in class relating to friendship
  • Word Study quiz tomorrow (Fri. is a PD Day)
  • I Wanna Iguana–finish your worksheet

Tues. Jan. 15

  • Word Study
  • math: finish the 3 questions from class today
  • Reading!

Mon. Jan. 14

  • PD Day this Friday
  • Writing–finish journal about swimming today
  • Read:20 minutes

Fri. Jan. 11

  • Monday we begin swimming
  • Reading this weekend!

Thurs. Jan. 10

  • PJ Day tomorrow
  • Math: finish addition questions

Wed. Jan. 9

  • Family Life–finish your picture of you and your friend
  • Writing-finish filling in the blanks supporting the opinions on the page
  • French test–get signed please
  • Math–any incomplete questions from our strategy today (addition with no regrouping)

Tues. Jan. 8

  • Math–finish addition questions using the strategy “Traditional”. This is also called stacking. Question #4 is where you get to make up your own addition question! Challenge yourself.
  • Language-Finish your 3 sentences supporting why you would rather go to the beach OR swim at a pool.
  • New Years Goals finish up/colour

Mon. Jan. 7

  • Math (Bell Work) addition practice
  • Math–finish 4 practice questions from class using the Number Line strategy
  • Permission Form went home for swimming

Thurs. Dec. 20

  • Students are welcome to wear PJs again or Red/White/Green outfits. Bringing a pillow or stuffie is welcomed.

Wed. Dec. 19

  • PJ Day tomorrow!
  • UPower Maps went home today. Marks for project will come home the week after the holiday
  • No homework

Tuesday Dec. 18

  • Math test tomorrow (2D Geometry, angles, quadrilaterals)
  • Finish Santa letter rough copy
  • Gr. 7/8  Garage Sale tomorrow! Bring some change if you want to purchase something
  • French test tomorrow

Fri. Dec. 14

  • Math test next Wed.
  • Book Swap–bring in your wrapped book for Monday
  • Finish up symmetry math practice

Thurs. Dec. 13

  • Word Study quiz tomorrow
  • Flashlight Friday tomorrow!
  • 2D Geometry math test next Wed.
  • Book Swap–bring in your wrapped book for Monday
  • Dress as your favourite character from The Grinch for tomorrow (optional)

Wed. Dec. 12

  • Word Study
  • Math: find 2 items in your home for each type of angle: acute, obtuse, straight, right angles. Jot them in your math notebook.
  • Movie @ Westmount cinemas tomorrow morning
  • Book Swap (bring in a book for Monday)
  • Flashlight Friday this Friday

Tues. Dec. 11

  • No homework tonight! We’ll do word study tomorrow in class.
  • Concert tonight! Be in classroom by 6:15pm.

Mon. Dec. 10

  • Word Study (new words this week)
  • Math: finish any incomplete Quadrilaterals worksheet practice
  • Social Studies–finish the few ‘evaluation’ questions from your work today
  • Mandalas–overdue!

Thurs.Dec. 6

  • Dress Rehearsal for concert at 1:00 in gym
  • reading: 20 minutes

Wed. Dec.5

  • Finish Instasnap (good copy)
  • Read!
  • Tomorrow is the Feast Day of St. Nicholas. Cookies and Hot Chocolate for all!

Tues. Dec. 4

  • Social Studies–continue to review parts of Canada and where they are on a map! Another pop quiz will be coming up in the next week.
  • Note went home today regarding a trip to Westmount Cineplex to see The Grinch on Thurs. Dec. 13
  • Mathletics–aim for 10 minutes tonight. You must log in through the schoolboard website www.ldcsb.ca and click on “myLDCSB” at the bottom. Students will sign in using their username and password found in their agendas.

Mon. Dec. 3

  • Green information sheet went home today re: Book Swap activity
  • No Word Study this week
  • Math: finish front page only (polygons)
  • Read: 25 minutes tonight!

Fri. Nov. 30

  • Fri. Folders went home

Thurs. Nov. 29

  • Word Study Quiz
  • Study your provinces and territories…pop quiz
  • Finish rough copy of Instasnaps
  • Health–do you need to bring in any props?

Wed. Nov. 28

  • Word Study
  • Grammar activity–finish writing your examples of Their, There, They’re

Tuesday Nov. 27

  • Math test is tomorrow–Data
  • See below regarding UPower map

Fri. Nov. 23

  • Math p. 60 1-4 (this is review). We will have a math test next Wed. all about data/graphing
  • Family Life–continue bringing in pictures, stickers, decorations, etc. for your UPower Map project. We will be putting them together on Wed., Thurs., and Friday of next week.
  • Social Studies–finish colouring both sides of your maps
  • Fri. Folder went home today.

Thurs. Nov. 22

  • Word Study quiz tomorrow
  • Start to bring in UPower map ‘stuff’. You have until next Wed.

Wed. Nov. 21

  • Word Study
  • Bring in antlers/Christmas costume for the concert
  • Practice the songs at home
  • UPower Map information went home today. Start to gather materials now.

Tues. Nov. 20

  • Word Study
  • Bring in antlers/Christmas costume for the concert
  • Practice the songs at home
  • Writing: write a paragraph explaining what you learned from Sara Westbrook’s presentation today

Mon. Nov. 16

  • Word Study–new words
  • If you weren’t able to comment on the blog today in class, please try to do so at home tonight
  • Mathletics: 10 minutes
  • Language: wreaths due Wednesday

Thurs. Nov. 15

  • St. George Candy Cane Bazaar Sat. 9am-1pm
  • London Lightning game on Sunday
  • Keep on reading this long weekend! Challenge yourself!
  • Have a great P.D.Day!

Wed. Nov. 14

  • Math: finish up p. 55 #3,4
  • Reading!
  • Tomorrow is Parent/Teacher Conferences

Tues. Nov. 13

  • Tomorrow is our day to preview the bookfair. Students may purchase items if they want. BookFair will also be open Thursday and Thursday evening
  • reading!
  • PD Day Friday

Fri. Nov. 9

  • Science Test moved to Tues.
  • See below for Math request
  • Report Cards went home today. Return envelope signed.
  • Return Word Study quiz signed

Thurs. Nov. 8

  • Word Study (quiz tomorrow)
  • Sci. Test Monday
  • Math: try to bring an empty cereal box for Monday (if you need it back, just let me know!)

Wed. Nov. 7

  • Word Study
  • Science Test Monday

Tues. Nov. 6

  • Science Test next Monday Nov. 12 (Rocks & Minerals)
  • Math: finish bar graph practice
  • Word Study

Mon. Nov. 5

  • Mystery Reader comes tomorrow!
  • Return slip of  paper from Miss Collins for Music class
  • Math: finish your pictograph sheets (2)
  • Word Study

Fri. Nov. 2

  • Word Study quiz went home today in Friday Folder. Please initial and return. Thank you!
  • Return music form (stapled in agenda) for Tuesday.
  • Reading!

Thurs. Nov. 1

  • Math test on patterning tomorrow. A practice sheet was worked on in class. If not finished, it’s a good idea to complete tonight.
  • Word Study

Wed. Oct. 31

  • Happy Halloween!
  • Math test Friday

Tues. Oct. 30

  • Word Study (new words introduced today)
  • See below for reminders
  • Math Test Friday (patterning)

Mon. Oct. 29

  • Reading!
  • Black and Orange Day Wed.
  • Bring a flashlight for Wed. Our “Flashlight Friday” will be on Oct. 31

Thurs. Oct. 25

  • Return signed Word Study quiz on Monday
  • Reading over the weekend…minimum of 30 minutes
  • Last day for Jelly Bean Guess is Monday!

Wed. Oct. 24

  • Word Study quiz tomorrow (Fri. is a PD Day)
  • Patterning Test next Friday Nov. 2
  • Library is tomorrow
  • Math: finish any worksheets not finished (in blue duotang)
  • Fall Fun Fair is tomorrow
  • Off Uniform day tomorrow

Tues. Oct. 23

  • Word Study
  • Jelly Bean Guess (for United Way). $1.00/guess. We will choose the winner next Tuesday. Guess as many times as you like!

Mon. Oct. 22

  • Reminder: Fall Fun Fair this Thursday 8:30-2:30 in gym
  • Halloween Dance this Thursday 5- 7 pm
  • Museum London Field Trip is tomorrow morning
  • Word Study–new words
  • Try out Epic!

Fri. Oct. 19

  • Mindfulness Mondays starts this Monday!
  • Friday Folder home today (please sign and return Math test and Word Study quiz)
  • Reading: 25 minutes

Thurs. Oct. 18

  • Word Study + quiz tomorrow
  • Grammar if not complete from yesterday
  • Read!!

Wed. Oct. 17

  • Word Study
  • Grammar: finish up any incomplete work from white duotang

Tues. Oct. 16

  • Word Study
  • Yoga Mat for Monday
  • Reading: 20

Mon. Oct. 15

  • Only Word Study tonight (new words!)

Fri. Oct. 12

  • Read: 25 minutes
  • No Friday Folders this week.
  • Practice skip counting by 2s backwards and forwards from 100

Thurs. Oct. 11

  • Place Value Test-rounding, ordering numbers, representing numbers. Marked quizzes were glued into their blue notebooks which they have taken home tonight.
  • Field Trip note went home today
  • Writing Leads for our Personal Narrative–if not finished writing your LEAD, please finish up tonight

Wed. Oct. 10

  • Reading: 20 mins.

Tues. Oct. 9

  • Don’t forget to return Word Study Test from last week
  • Rounding quiz tomorrow. Practice sheet went home. Some students may already be finished.
  • No Word Study this week.
  • Reading: 20 min.

Fri. Oct. 5

  • Save the Date: Thursday, October 25 from 5:30-7:30 p.m Family Hallowe’en Dance
  • Happy Thanksgiving!
  •  Friday Folders home today

Thurs. Oct. 4

  • Word Study quiz tomorrow
  • Math text work due tomorrow (see below)
  • Flashlight Friday tomorrow morning! Turkey Trot, then Turkey Bingo!
  • QSP Magazine Drive launched today. Info went home today.

Wed. Oct. 3

  • Word Study
  • Math: be sure your rounding worksheet (both sides) is completed. Textbook work: p. 33 #4,6 p. 35 # 4,6,7 Due Fri.
  • We are leading Mass tomorrow morning @ church

Tues. Oct. 2

  • Word Study
  • Last call for our rock (we will be painting it)
  • Rounding to Nearest 10 practice sheet

Mon. October 1

  • Word Study–new words!
  • Practice counting backwards by 2s from 50
  • See below regarding a rock

Thurs. Sept. 27

  • Friday Folders went home today
  • Reading! Snuggle up with a good book this weekend 🙂
  • Bring in another rock (just 1) that we will be painting next week. Bring in by Monday. It should be small in size, but not a pebble.

Wed. Sept. 26

  • Word Study (our test is tomorrow because Friday is a PD Day. We will review in class as well)
  • Orange t-shirt day tomorrow (optional)
  • Terry Fox Run for primaries in the afternoon @ 1pm. Students should bring a change of clothes if they need to.
  • Library tomorrow
  • Reading: 20 minutes
  • Bring in another rock (just 1) that we will be painting next week. Bring in by Monday. It should be small in size, but not a pebble.

Tues. Sept. 25

  • Where can you find rocks in your home?
  • Word Study
  • Math Practice (alligator paper only–both sides)
  • Writing Workshop–finish what you started in class today.

Mon. Sept. 24

  • Word Study–new words!
  • Writing Workshop–finish entry about…”Think of a place that matters to you and list 3 memories connected to that place. Choose one to write about in more detail.
  • All About Me Bag–Cristiano, Olivia, Anna, Julia present tomorrow

Fri. Sept. 21

  • Friday Folders went home today
  • Reading–20 minutes minimum
  • All About Me Bag–students received the outline for this presentation. They also have their presentation date recorded on the handout.
  • Students are asked to bring in a pair of headphones–either over the ear or earbuds, preferably in a baggie with their name on it. These will be used in school all year and will be kept in a bin in the classroom when we need them. Thank you!
  • Writing–finish writing your entry about the person that you said was special to you. Keep it to about a page or so.

Wed. Sept. 19

  • Students are asked to bring in a pair of headphones–either over the ear or earbuds, preferably in a baggie with their name on it. These will be used in school all year and will be kept in a bin in the classroom when we need them. Thank you!
  • Word Study–Wednesday
  • Read 🙂

Tues. Sept. 18

  • Picture Day tomorrow (Wed.)!
  • Welcome Back BBQ Thurs.
  • Some students brought home their ‘newspaper’ about themselves. I’m requesting they spend about 15 minutes working on it but do not need to finish it.
  • Word Study–complete Tuesday’s assignment which is called “Word Hunt”
  • Rocks–students are asked to bring in a baggie containing 4 rocks that they can find around their yard, school, etc. Bring in this week.

Mon. Sept. 17

  • Word Study Program–introduced today.  A note is stapled inside the agenda explaining how it works and what it is. All students have “Monday” homework in their yellow duotangs.
  • Rocks–students are asked to bring in a baggie containing 4 rocks that they can find around their yard, school, etc. Bring in this week.
  • Reading: 20 minutes. Students know if they are super busy at night time, 5 or 10 minutes is better than zero minutes 🙂

Fri. Sept. 14

  • Friday Folder went home today. Blog contract inside.
  • Tuesday (9:45am School Mass @ Church)
  • Picture Day for our class is on Wed.

Thurs. Sept. 13

  • Math: p. 36 #1,2
  • Dot Day tomorrow! It’s still a uniform day, but feel free accessorize, think about food to pack in your lunch, and be creative!
  • Picture Day (Sept. 19) form went home today
  • Youngest + Only took home a form for the BBQ next Thursday

Wed. Sept. 12

  • no homework tonight except reading 🙂
  • See reminders below

Tues. Sept. 11

  • Picture Day: our class has their pictures taken Sept. 19
  • Dot Day–This Friday!! A note went home today
  • School BBQ next Thurs. Sept. 20th
  • Reading: as always…aim for at least 20 minutes

Fri. Sept. 7

  • Reading: 21 minutes!
  • Friday Folder went home today with 3 papers inside. Please return Friday Folder by Monday
  • Writing Workshop–decorate cover of notebook. (See note regarding this)
  • Next Friday is Dot Day! More info to follow

Thurs. Sept. 6

  • Purple verification forms went home today–please check thoroughly, sign and return.
  • Info re: Hot Lunch program, St. George Rummage Sale Sept. 15. Lots of info went home today. Please look carefully at each paper.
  • Reading: 20 min.

Wed. Sept. 5

  • Parent questionnaire
  • Gym class tomorrow–bring gym clothes please
  • Read: 20 minutes

Tues. Sept. 4, 2018–Welcome Back!

  • Parent Questionnaire (purple sheet) went home today tucked inside your child’s agenda along with a class newsletter
  • Agenda $6.00. You can pay using the online “cashless” system or send $6 with your child in an envelope or bag
  • Indoor shoes, if your child has not yet brought them in
  • Gym is Mondays and Thursdays

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