December 20

Reading into the Holidays

On Thursday, students had fun with our Book Swap game, taking turns carefully selecting a book from the pile and hoping no one else “steals” their book. You may have played a game like this before. In our class, we are only allowed to steal twice and then you MUST pick from the pile.

We began by picking a number out of a hat and if you were lucky enough to pick the highest number, you got to pick last! This meant you got to pick any book you wanted out of all of them. Yahoo!

All in all, it was a fun time filled with excitement and lots of energy. We all opened our books once the game had ended and made a good mess of all the wrapping paper. Ha!

Books don’t just go with you, they take you where you’ve never been.
– Anonymous

Do you have any books on your Christmas wish list this year?

What will you be reading over the Christmas break?


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