September 13

Place Value up to the Thousands

Representing numbers is our main focus at the moment in Math. Mrs. Sullivan is asking us to show numbers in 4 different ways:

  • Draw a picture
  • Write the number in words
  • Expand the number
  • Write it in standard form

We use Base Ten blocks to model numbers. In the pictures below, you can see some of our students playing a game called Race to a Flat.

In Gr.3 we are expected to know up to the THOUSANDS place value but we know that numbers can be much larger, of course. We continue to practice how to read, write, and represent numbers up to this place. It can sometimes be tricky, especially when zeros are involved such as in the number 1045.

At home, students are encouraged to challenge themselves to represent numbers in different ways! Roll a dice 4 times and create a number–expand it, write it in words, draw it.

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