September 15

It’s International Dot Day!

Dot day is based on a book called The Dot by Peter Reynolds and is celebrated every year on the 15th of September. The book tells the story of Vashti who struggles to be creative. At first, Vashti believes she can’t draw. After some encouragement from her teacher, she finally draws a simple dot. The teacher frames it and hangs it in his office. Vashti sees her dot framed and her confidence and motivation begins to grow.

The Dot challenges all of us to make our mark and see where it takes us! Dot Day began on Sept.15, 2009 and every year, teachers and students around the globe are inspired to showcase their creativity, courage, and collaboration.This year there are almost 10 million participants globally from 169 countries. Wow!

Have a look at all of the Dot Day fun we had today in Room 117:

One of the activities we did today was to make our dots 3D using Quiver 3D. You can download the app for free and use the file below to colour and print. When using the app, it will make your art POP! Students also went home with 2 other colouring pages to try at home if Mom or Dad permit 🙂


What kind of mark do you like to make on the world?  Where will it take you?

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