October 22

Gobble Gobble!

Last Thursday, Mrs. Sullivan’s students learned about turkeys! Mrs. Sullivan’s husband, Turkey Jay, is considered an expert in turkeys. The students asked questions and Turkey Jay answered. Unfortunately, he was unable to join us in class or by video (he’s camera shy). But, Mrs. Sullivan got the answers and presented the information to the class.

We not only learned about turkey habitats but also a lot more! Students got to see real turkey spurs which the part of their body they use to protect themselves. It is only the males that have the spurs. They also got to see a real turkey beard! Check out the turkey beard on the picture above. Can you see it on the turkey’s chest? Typically only male birds have beards, but did you know that sometimes a female can grow a beard too? (About 10-20%).

A male turkey’s head can change colour (red, blue, white) to reflect its mood. The red flap of skin only exists over a male’s beak and is called a snood. As well only males fan their tail feathers to try to attract a female. They also puff out their other feathers to make themselves look bigger!

Did you know that there are an estimated 70 000 turkeys in Ontario? They were hunted to extinction about 100 years ago but were reintroduced to Ontario in the early 1980s. Check out the full article here to learn more.

Here are many of the questions the students wanted answers to from Turkey Jay:

  • Where do they live?
  • What do they eat?
  • Do they fly? swim?
  • What do they do all day?
  • Where do they sleep?
  • Are they like chickens?
  • Where do they keep their nests?
  • How can you tell if it’s a boy or a girl?
  • What is the red flap on a turkey’s face?
  • Why do turkeys fan their tail feathers?

Ask your child what else they learned about turkeys.

What other questions do you have for Turkey Jay?

Do you like to eat turkey at certain times of the year?

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13 thoughts on “Gobble Gobble!

  1. Jake

    Hi Mrs. Sullivan, My name is Jake and I live in Comox Valley, BC. I am in grade 7, and each of us in our class, are making a blog. Our blog site is huzzah.edublogs.org I didn’t know turkey’s heads change color that was pretty cool information. I thought your blog on the turkeys was interesting.
    Thanks, Jake

    1. MrsS (Post author)

      Hi Jake,
      Welcome to our blog. Do you like having your own individual blog? I think it’s wonderful that each of you have your own. We look forward to reading your posts!
      Mrs. S

  2. Brendan

    Dear Mrs. Sullivan.
    I really like how the turkeys look like, where did you get them and how do you know there gender?
    I never knew that they sleep on trees🌲? How do they not fall? Have you ever seen any hanging on a tree by there selfs or with others?

  3. Reese

    Dear Mrs.Sullivan I really liked learning about turkeys .My favourite part of the lesson was when we learned that turkeys sleep in trees how do they not fall down. From Reese

  4. Malia

    Dear mrs. S it’s me malia i had a lot of fun learning about turkeys. It’s really cool that they sleep in a tree I didn’t now that. Maybe turkey jay will come next time .

  5. Samuel

    Dear Mrs Sullivan
    I really injoyed learning about Turkeys! Why don’t they fall outta the tree 🌲 while they’re asleep

    From Samuel

  6. Sarah

    Hi Mrs.S! My name is Sarah, and I am commenting from Canada, B.C.
    I think it’s awesome you are learning about turkeys!(I’m glad Thanksgiving is already over!)I remember when I first saw a turkey in real life (in a zoo)I was super scared. Also, can male turkeys really change the colour on their head? When I was a kid I remember I had a stuffed turkey named “Turkey Lurkey”.
    (P.S, Our class blog is at huzzah.edublogs.org!)

  7. Trey

    Hi Mrs.S!

    I think it’s great you guys learning about turkeys! Turkeys are a very cool looking bird which reminded me I saw one for the first time yesterday at a pumpkin patch. See you later and i’m looking forward into more posts! Have a good one, Trey.

    1. MrsS (Post author)

      Hi Sadie!
      Thanks for visiting us. The turkeys in the picture are called decoys so they are made of plastic. They look real though, don’t they? Have you ever seen a real live turkey before?
      Mrs. S


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