December 4

2nd Mystery Reader…revealed!

Our 2nd Mystery Reader turned out to be…Mya’s dad! He did a fantastic job reading 2 books to our class. One was called The Night Before the Night Before Christmas by Natasha Wing. This book follows the rhythm of the original T’was the Night Before Christmas but the author puts a humorous spin on what happens the night before Christmas when a family is running out of time to get ready and everything seems to go wrong. I can see why this is one of Mya’s favourite Christmas books.


The second book Mya’s dad read to us was called Snow Happy by Patricia Hubbell. We happily joined in on the repetitive part of the story by yelling out “Snow Happy!” almost all the way through. It’s a fun-filled story reminding us about all of the fun we can have in the snow. Now, we just have to wait for it to fall from the sky!

Are you wanting a white Christmas? I know I am!



We are very thankful to Mya’s dad for taking time to come and share the love of reading with us!

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6 thoughts on “2nd Mystery Reader…revealed!

  1. Mya

    Thank you for all your comments . Malia I like the night before the night before Christmas !
    Ewen, what was your favourite book? Vanessa they were both amazing. Jacob what was your favorite part in the book?
    I loved my dad coming because it’s usually my mom. Maybe more dads will come read to us. 🙂

    From Mya

  2. Brendan

    Dear Mr. D. (Mya’s Dad),
    i really like Christmas! do you? I also like Christmas books and Christmas movies.

  3. Jacob.f

    Dear Mya , I loved your dad coming to in read a book.The first book was my favorite because the night before the night before Christmas Jacob.f

  4. Malia

    Dear Mya
    I really liked the one book your dad read. What is your favorite book that your dad read out of the two? from Malia


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