January 10

My California Trip 2017

I love traveling!I saw the Hollywood sign and I also walked across the golden gate bridge.It took my family 11 hours to drive from San Francisco to Santa Monica because we were by a forest fire and a bridge was closed.We met a news anchor from CNN and we were on TV.We went to Anaheim,Alcatraz,Los Angeles,Beverly hills,San Francisco and Santa Monica.

Thanks for reading!

If you were to travel to California, where would you go?


By B.D.

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5 thoughts on “My California Trip 2017

  1. Jacob

    Dear B.D.,
    Sounds like you had a great trip. I have been to California too. We were in San Diego. If I went back I would like to visit Hollywood.
    From, Jacob B.

  2. Reese

    Dear B.D.,

    If I were to go to California I would go to San Francisco, because my favourite TV shows are Ful House and Fuller House and they live in San Francisco. I would want to go across the Golden Gate Bridge too!


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