February 10

Picasso-Inspired Art

Picasso is famous for his cubism-style art where the shapes within his artwork are quite geometric. Students created their own Picasso-inspired artwork by drawing 3 different faces and played with shapes of the various parts of a face such as the eyebrows, nose, mouth, ears, and so on.

Have a look at their wonderful creations!


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Posted February 10, 2018 by MrsS in category 2017-2018, The Arts

3 thoughts on “Picasso-Inspired Art

  1. Silvana

    Dear Mrs.Sullivan i really enjoyed making the Picasso art.Also i think that your really good at doing art.Infact i like doing art may self.

  2. Evangelos

    Dear Mrs.Sullivan,

    I love that that we made art it was so FUN!!! I love to do art!
    I hope we do more art again!



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