April 17

Can You Guess My Rule?

Have a look at the students below. I’m thinking of the fraction 2/3 (two thirds). What about these students is showing 2/3? Leave a comment to tell me your guess.

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Posted April 17, 2018 by MrsS in category 2017-2018, Math

19 thoughts on “Can You Guess My Rule?

  1. Kerles nozat

    Hi Mrs i think me and engeles difference but the color looks kind of not the same I thing I think engeles has dark color Vanessa has dark color is bat right

  2. Eva

    Dear Mrs Sullivan,

    I think the rule is two are tall and one is small. My mom says two have the mouth closed and one opened. My dad says two are showing their hands and one isn’t. My brother says two have buttons on their shirts and one doesn’t. I know we got this!! 🙂

    1. MrsS (Post author)

      You certainly have all your bases covered, don’t you? I can tell you that one of you is correct!
      I’ll let you know tomorrow who it was!
      Mrs. S

  3. David

    The boys smile not showing teeth and Vanessa is showing her teeth. Or 2 people have hands in front and one in the back. David

  4. David

    Kerles and Evangelos hav buttons on there shirts and Vannesa does not. Or there are 2 boys and 1 girl. From David

  5. Reese

    Dear Mrs.Sullivan, I think two are boys and one is a girl. My mom thinks two have buttons and one doesn’t.

    From Reese

  6. David

    I think the fraction 2/3 shows Kerles and Evangelos both are wearing collared shirts and Vanessa is not. My mom thinks 2 are wearing blue shirts and one is not. David

    1. MrsS (Post author)

      Good try David! You are right–2/3 of the students are wearing collared shirts and they are both blue, butuUnfortunately, both you and your mom have not guessed my rule…yet!


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