February 19

It’s Like Looking in a Mirror

60% of how we express ourselves is through the body, 30% is the tone of voice, and only the last 10% is what you say says Mark Hill, a physical theatre artist and a famous visiting educator at International Schools around the world.

In Drama, students have recently presented their mirror image skits which involved expressing themselves through movement. They have done a lot of preparing, practicing, and planning with their partners. Each partnership created the context for their performance, whether that be waking up in the morning, going to a pool, or going to a movie theatre. Ideas were very diverse! It was a lot of fun to watch the performances and witness the synchronicity and calculated movements the partnerships made. Awesome!


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Posted February 19, 2019 by MrsS in category The Arts

1 thoughts on “It’s Like Looking in a Mirror

  1. Reese

    Hi Mrs.S! It’s Reese from last year, I loved doing mirroring last year and hope to do it this year as well. Also I loved how your students were warring the same clothes and had the same expressions!😁🤨😋😘. Have a good rest of your March break
    By for now,

    From, Reese


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