April 23

What It Is Like In Bahamas

If you went to the  Bahamas it’s like  your hands are on a  vacation- so much places to explore.Have you been at the barrier reef? It’s next to a vertical 6000 foot drop! Bahamas has some of the best beaches in the world.If you have a pet reptile it is a good idea to go to Bahamas because it is always sunny.

Written by: J. L.

Have you ever been in the Bahamas?

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12 thoughts on “What It Is Like In Bahamas

  1. Gelena

    Dear J.L.
    The Bahamas has nice warm beaches, palm trees and jelly coconuts. I am so happy I will be vacationing there soon!

  2. brynlee

    Dear J.L
    Bahamas sounds like a beautiful place.It sounds like you want to go back to Bahamas! I have never been to the barrier reef before. I want to go to Bahamas.
    from B.W

  3. Julia

    Dear J.L Bahamas sounds like loads of fun. I did not go to the Bahamas YET but I will go some day.love your post

    love J.F

  4. Owen

    Dear J.L
    I have note gone to the Bahamas. It sounds fun I have never been to
    explore the reef. What do you mean your hands are on a vacation?

    from O.R

  5. Joseph

    Dear J.L,
    To answer Your question no I have not been to the Bahamas but im sure it would be nice. but my uncle has been to the Bahamas and he said it was very nice
    From: Joseph

  6. A.J

    I had never been to the Bahamas before,but I would love to! Did you actually go to the barrier reef?

  7. Tess

    Dear J.L,
    I have never been to the Bahamas. But I wish to go there one day because I love the sun. It sounds like a place for me to go.
    From Tess


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