October 1

Word Study in Full Swing

In our class, we have started our Word Study program. Based on a diagnostic spelling test each student did in September, several Word Study groups were established.

Students are given a new sort each Monday where they learn about different aspects and features of the words they received. Throughout the week, students are asked to complete various activities from their ‘Homework Menu’ to practice using their words in different ways, and on Friday, we will have a spelling assessment.

I encourage you to ask your child to talk about their word study words with you!


April 10

Word Study-Week of April 9

March 20

Word Study-week of March 19

February 26

Word Study–Week of Feb. 26

February 12

Word Study-Week of Feb. 12

February 5

Word Study-Week of February 5

January 30

Word Study-Week of January 29

January 22

Word Study-Week of January 22