Mon. April 24

  • This Thursday don’t forget: James & the Giant Peach at Jean Vanier. Please ensure your permission form and $5 for bus/entry is in by Wed.
  • Our first book club meeting is tomorrow. Be sure you have ONLY read your assigned chapters or pages and have completed some stop and jots in your Super Sleuth Detective booklet.
  • Math: Grade 3s–EQAO booklet due tomorrow. We will take it up.

Fri. April 21

  • Book Club Tuesday
  • Friday Folders went home today
  • Gr.3 EQAO practice booklet due Tuesday (finish the rest of the questions)

Thurs. April 20

  • Math:finish fractions practice (2 sheets)
  • Writing: Write your Top 3 topics for persuasive writing and some points about each topic in point form or in paragraph form.
  • Reading: 20 mins.

Wed. April 19

  • Gr.3s–see Math comment on April 18th
  • Reading: 20 minutes
  • Opinion homework: finish the worksheet from class today

Tues. April 18

  • Bake Sale tomorrow (25 cents up to $1.00 for items). This is to support the purchase of plants for our Peace Garden
  • Gr.3s: EQAO practice booklet up to the starred page only due Thursday
  • Fiction Book–please return to school tomorrow
  • Reading: 30 minutes

Thurs. April 13

  • Blog: if you didn’t comment, please do so over the weekend
  • Gr.4s: Track and Field tryouts Tuesday. Wear layers as you will be outside.
  • Happy  Easter!

Wed. April 12

  • Math test tomorrow on Measurement. Finish your review booklet on linear measurement and perimeter and area, if it’s not done yet. (As mentioned in class, don’t do question#1 on the last page).
  • Leave a strong blog comment on our class blog. You choose which one you’d like to comment on.
  • Tomorrow is Holy Thursday. We will celebrate in the gym at 1:15

Tues. April 11

  • Math test Thurs.
  • Math review (measurement, perimeter, area)…finish the first 2 full pages by tomorrow
  • Reading 20 minutes

Mon. April 10

  • Math test Thursday (see below)
  • Reading 🙂
  • Next Wed. Eco Team Bake Sale to raise money for planting flowers/plants in our Peace Garden

Fri. April 7

  • Gr.4s–finish your time practice booklet for Monday
  • Gr.3s–finish your textbook questions
  • Math test Thursday on Measurement (perimeter, area, linear measurement, time)

Thurs. April 6

  • Science test tomorrow (rocks & minerals) True and False, Short Answer
  • Gr.4s–Elapsed Time practice sheet

Wed. April 5

  • Science Test Friday
  • Math quiz tomorrow 
  • Gr.4–elapsed time…2 question in notebook.
  • Writing Workshop: deadline for realistic fiction good copy is tomorrow. Please see me if you need a little more time.

Tues. April 4

  • Reading
  • Study analogue time. Quiz on Thurs.
  • Math worksheets “Fifteen Minutes of Pie” Questions 1-6
  • Science test–review your notes
  • Writing Workshop–story due Thursday.  See notes below.

Mon. April 3

  • Reading: 20 minutes
  • Study analogue time (possible quiz Thursday)
  • Keep studying those times tables
  • Writing: you are now on your good copy. You may work a little at home on drawing your pictures or writing the words 
  • Science test Friday (rocks and minerals)

Thurs. March 30

  • Word Study test for all bumped to Monday
  • PD Day tomorrow
  • Reading
  • Friday Folders go home today

Wed. March 29

  • Word Study
  • Math–finish textbook questions
  • Reading
  • Off uniform day tomorrow
  • Science projects are due tomorrow.

Tues. March 28

  • Word Study
  • Reading
  • Off uniform day Thursday

Mon. March 27

  • Word Study (Chantelle, Ava Y, Youssef will begin tomorrow)
  • Science projects are coming along nicely! They are due on Thurs.
  • Math–if not done, please complete the first full page of practice with measurement (cm and mm)
  • Reading: 20 minutes

Fri. March 24

  • If your Realistic Fiction story needs some finishing up, please do so over the weekend
  • a photograph of you for the “About the Author” page–bring in to school as soon as possible (see comment below)
  • Reading! 20 minutes minimum

Thurs. March 23

  • Math test tomorrow
  • Reading: 10 minutes tonight
  • Writing: rough draft due tomorrow. Majority of you should be pretty well finished writing your draft on paper. We will be starting our good copies on Monday. Bring in a picture of yourself (recent) for your About the Author page. Otherwise, you can draw yourself, or Mrs. S can take a picture of you.

Wed. March 22

  • Writing: continue drafting. Rough draft due Friday
  • Do you need to finish up any research for your Science project?
  • Math: finish any incomplete work from today or prior
  • Math Test Friday
  • French concert tomorrow a.m.

Tues. March 21

  • Oops…Wacky Hair Day is tomorrow (Wednesday) not Friday
  • Writing–draft for 10 minutes minimum
  • Math test (multiplication/division) on Friday
  • continue studying your times tables at home whenever you get the chance. I encourage you to buy some flash cards from the dollar store or elsewhere. You can also make your own!

Mon. March 20th  Spring Has Sprung!

  • Math practice   Gr.3  p. 239 #1-4  p. 243 #5,6,7,8
  • Gr.4  p. 259 #9, 10, 12    p. 269  #5,6
  • Wacky Hair Day this Friday
  • Writing Workshop:  draft tonight for 15 minutes

Thurs. Mar. 9

  • Reading…23 minutes!
  • Green/White and/or animal print day tomorrow
  • A friendly reminder to study those times tables…especially those grade 4s!

Wed. March 8

  • Reminder that Friday is Green & White plus Animal Print Day!
  • Math: Grade 3s: Handout called “Equal Groups”. Both sides.
  • Math: Grade 4s: Finish any incomplete worksheets from the week.
  • Math quiz signed please
  • Science research? The final project to be completed at school is due March 31

Tues. March 7

  • Math quiz is tomorrow
  • Reading 20 minutes

Mon. March 6

  • Math: possible quiz tomorrow on multiplying
  • Math homework: finish up handout (Grade3s Division Divisors up to 9). Grade 3s and 4s–finish fact families side of handout.
  • Reading, as always 🙂
  • Gymnastics meet tomorrow

Fri. March 3

  • Science: try to gather some more research on your chosen Famous Rock Formation brochure project. If you can print a few pictures/map, print your research, it will help speed up the process when we are at school.
  • Reading

Thurs. March 2

**next Friday: animal print/wear green Day. Lion King movie in p.m.

  • Word Study (for majority of students)
  • Math worksheet (the side you didn’t complete yesterday. Students who did not complete their homework will need to finish both sides)
  • Mathletics (10 minutes)
  • French concert form
  • Science–finish page from class today

Wed. March 1

  • Today is Ash Wednesday
  • Math sheet (the side with the puzzle only)
  • Word Study
  • French: study
  • Writing Workshop: 10 minutes

Tues. Feb. 28

  • Word Study
  • Writing Workshop: 10 minutes
  • Religion: finish your pancake picture, if not done
  • Read 20 minutes

Mon. Feb. 27

  • French concert–please bring in permission form and entry fee
  • Word Study
  • Math: text book work. Finish your practice questions.

Fri. Feb. 24

  • Math–Finish practice sheets from class today.
  • Friday Folders go home today. Math test should be signed and returned.
  • Shrove Tuesday ($2.00) for pancakes if you wish
  • see comment below about French concert.

Thurs. Feb. 23

  • Hot chocolate + cookie day tomorrow. $2 if you want to buy
  • Math handout (6 multiplication questions)
  • WW-10 minutes drafting
  • Notice went home today for the french concert coming up after March Break. Please take a look.

Wed. Feb.22

  • Writer’s Workshop: work on your story mountain and/or start your lead. How will you start your opening scene of your story?
  • Religion: finish your symbols of the Holy Spirit
  • Read!!

Tues. Feb. 21

  • Swimming tomorrow
  • Math worksheet (3 questions. Show your thinking)
  • Reading
  • Book Fair this week

Fri. Feb. 17

  • Friday Folders went home today
  • Math: finish worksheet if not done
  • Read!!
  • Enjoy Family Day. See you Tuesday

Thurs. Feb. 16

  • Reading: 21 minutes!
  • Math: finish worksheet on multiplying

Wed. Feb. 15

  • Reading: 20 minutes
  • Think about how addition and multiplication are related

Tues. Feb. 14–Happy Valentine’s Day

  • Swimming tomorrow!
  • Reading 20 minutes

Mon. Feb. 13

  • No word study this week
  • Writer’s Workshop: 10 minutes of drafting
  • Swimming on Wednesday
  • Red, Pink, White Day tomorrow
  • Exchanging of Valentine’s cards tomorrow (optional)

Fri. Feb. 10

  • Math test Monday
  • Writer’s Notebook: finish your map
  • Candygrams are being sold again on Monday 50 cents each or 3/$1
  • Swimming next Wednesday
  • Valentine’s Day–students are welcome to bring in Valentine cards for their peers. It will be red, white, and pink day

Thurs. Feb. 9

  • Conferences Tonight
  • Math Test Monday (see note below)
  • Word Study quiz tomorrow
  • Writer’s Notebook–spend 10 minutes working on your map. If your map is fully complete, spend the 10 minutes writing about one of the ‘stories’ that comes through your map.
  • Candygrams for sale tomorrow 50 cents each or 3/$1.00

Wed. Feb. 8

  • Word Study
  • Math test Monday: money, addition, subtraction. Review your practice work and strategies.

Tues. Feb. 7

  • Earbuds (see Feb.3)
  • Math–Grade 3s finish your text work (p. 159 #4,6,8) Grade 4s finish your handout sheet

Mon. Feb. 6

  • French performance tonight 6-8 pm
  • earbuds or headphones
  • Rock collecting–try to bring a rock from home
  • Math–handout sheet with football question on one side and money counting on the other.
  • Word Study

Fri. Feb. 3

  • I’m recommending to bring in some ear buds or headphones to plug into the computers at school. We’ll keep them in a baggie with your child’s name on it and leave them at school.
  • Monday is the French performance 6-8 pm.
  • Try to leave a comment on our recent post about skyping with the author. Be sure to follow the steps to leaving an effective comment which you can find in your agenda 🙂
  • Report card envelope–sign and return

Thurs. Feb.2

  • With mom or dad, ask to count their coins…see if you can find some quarters, nickels, dimes, loonies, toonies…how much do you have altogether?
  • French–continue to practice your play parts

Wed. Feb. 1

  • Try to finish your math text work that you started in class yesterday with Mr. V. Grade 3    p. 157  #4-6   p. 167 # 9 only
  • Grade 4 p. 106 #4,5,9           p. 107 all         p. 109 #4,5,8.  Do the best you can and don’t spend more than about 40 minutes on it. If you need more time, you may have it tomorrow 🙂

Tues. Jan. 31

  • Welcome Gregory!
  • Swimming tomorrow. Bring all necessary items to school.
  • Reading 20 minutes

Mon. Jan. 30

  • No new Word Study for this week
  • Math–subtraction questions (3 but solve in 2 ways)
  • Reading
  • Review your French

Thurs. Jan. 26

  • Word Study test tomorrow. Your homework tonight: Choice! No need to glue in your words (unless you really want to)

Wed. Jan. 25

  • Tubing trip to St. Mary’s is tomorrow. Please read agenda regarding necessary items to bring. A helmet is a must!
  • Dress for the weather–winter clothes and boots, but no scarf.

Tues. Jan. 24

  • Library books
  • Word Study
  • Reading 20 minutes
  • Mathletics 10 minutes + finish your adding worksheets

Mon. Jan. 23

  • Word Study
  • Blog comment if you didn’t do it from last week.
  • Tubing on Thursday
  • Reading

Fri. Jan. 20

  • Share recent blog posts with your family. Write a comment on one of your choice. Remember, if it prompts you for an email address, you can always make one up such as 123@hotmail.com

Thurs. Jan. 19

  • Word Study test tomorrow
  • Review addition strategies learned in class (we’ve learned 4 so far)
  • Reading
  • French practice

Wed. Jan. 18

  • Word Study
  • Social Studies poster project–bring in colour pictures if you wish
  • Reading
  • French practice

Tues. Jan.17

  • Mathletics homework
  • Word Study

Mon. Jan. 16

  • Word Study
  • French–practice your lines for the play
  • Social Studies–you are more than welcome to print colour pictures of your chosen community and include that in your poster project. Research can also be gathered about your community at home, however, all parts of the project are to be completed in class. Plenty of time will be given.

Thurs. Jan. 12

  • PD Day tomorrow!
  • Friday Folders went home today. Please sign and return ‘personal narrative’. Permission forms for Swim to Survive and Tubing should be returned as soon as possible.

Wed. Jan. 11

  • see Jan. 10

Tues. Jan. 10

  • Study for Social Studies test (focus on the regions of Ontario, what is a municipality, who is our mayor? Types of land use, continents, provinces/territories of Canada, oceans)
  • Math: Review ‘rule book’ for 2D Geometry test Thurs. We’ve done a lot of review in class already.
  • Reading 22 min 🙂

Mon. Jan. 9, 2017

  • Welcome back!
  • Math test (2D Geometry) on Thursday
  • Social Studies quiz (all about Ontario, Land use, provinces, territories, continents, oceans) Thurs.
  • Paragraph–finish up from today’s work period

Fri. Dec. 23

  • Merry Christmas! See you Jan. 9

Thurs. Dec. 22

  • No homework!
  • Ornaments went home today.
  • Skating tomorrow. Please bring your skates and warm clothes to wear at the rink. We are at Kinsmen Arena and depart just before lunch time. Lunch is @ 11:30.

Wed. Dec. 21

  • No homework!
  • Red & Green day tomorrow
  • Skating on Friday

Tues. Dec.20

  • Purple & Pink day tomorrow!
  • Gr.7/8 Garage Sale tomorrow. We are scheduled to visit the sale at 9:35am. If you’d like to buy something, bring some toonies, loonies, or quarters.
  • Secret Santa exchange is tomorrow. Be sure to wrap your gift…whether you made the gift or purchased it. Don’t write the person’s name on the top 🙂
  • Class movie is tomorrow afternoon. If you like, bring a pillow/blanket.

Mon. Dec. 19

  • Don’t forget our class Secret Santa exchange is on Wed!!
  • Garage Sale for the Gr.7/8 class is on Wed. If you plan to purchase an item or more…bring some change with you!
  • Math: finish your questions from the text.
  • Reading
  • Skating this Friday

Fri. Dec. 16

  • Reading
  • Friday Folders go home today

Thurs. Dec. 15

  • Word Study quiz tomorrow. Glue your words in today
  • French: review your parts for the play

Wed. Dec. 14

  • Word Study
  • Reading
  • French: study your parts for the play
  • Social Studies: finish your 4 circles activity

Tues. Dec. 13

  • Finish missed math from yesterday (Monday)
  • Try to leave a comment on a recent post from our blog
  • Word Study
  • Read!

Mon. Dec. 12

  • Word Study (our last set for 2016). We will start again in January
  • Math: finish your worksheets from today.
  • Reading: 20 minutes
  • Last week for JOY-FULL socks campaign. Donations due Friday if you are able to donate 🙂

Fri. Dec. 9

  • Reading
  • Green Swiss Chalet order form is due Monday if you haven’t brought it in yet and would like to order.

Thurs. Dec.8

  • Word Study…quiz tomorrow
  • Reading: 20 minutes
  • Mathletics: 10 minutes

Wed. Dec. 7

  • Word Study. Catch up if you’re a day behind.
  • Reading: 20 minutes.

Tues. Dec. 6

  • Christmas Concert tonight at St. George’s Church. Try to be there by 6:15. Show starts at 6:30pm. Feel free to wear a Santa or Elf hat!
  • Word Study

Mon. Dec. 5

  • Math test tomorrow (data, U.P.S., range, mode, etc.)
  • Word Study
  • Mass Friday with our buddies
  • Joy-FULL Socks
  • Reading

Fri. Dec. 2

  • see below for test reminders and JOY-FULL socks donations
  • Have a great weekend!

Thurs. Dec. 1

  • Reminder: Religion test Monday (parts of Mass) & Math test Tues. (data management)
  • Mathletics
  • Word Study test tomorrow
  • JOY-FULL socks–thank you for your donations!

Wed. Nov. 30

  • Religion test Monday (parts of Mass)
  • Math test (data management) Tues.
  • Word Study

Mon. Nov. 28

  • Seussical the Musical tomorrow @ STA. Bring a ‘pocket snack’ to eat while we’re there.
  • Reading: 20 minutes
  • Word Study

Fri. Nov. 25

  • First Sunday of Advent is this Sunday!
  • Reading over the weekend. Enjoy!
  • Permission form for skating went home today in the Friday Folder

Thurs. Nov. 24

  • Dec. 6 is the Christmas Concert for up to Gr.4. We are currently practicing Silent Night in 2 other languages: German & French.
  • Reading: 20 minutes!

Wed. Nov. 23

  • Seussical form–5 more needed
  • Mathletics
  • Review your provinces and territories
  • Read!

Tues. Nov. 22

  • Cookie dough orders are at the office
  • Grammar–please make corrections
  • Gr.3 math p 59 #5
  • Mathletics if time permits
  • A special pink information sheet went home today about the various charities our school is supporting this Christmas season.

Mon. Nov. 21

  • Math quiz tomorrow (problem-solving data management question)
  • Religion–finish anything that is incomplete at this point
  • Math questions from class this morning  Gr.3 p. 55 #4, 5ab  and also p. 60 #1,3,4
  • Grade 4: stem and leaf plot handout, p. 63 #3 only

Thurs. Nov. 17

  • Sugar graph, if not done yet
  • Reading: 25 minutes +
  • Word Study–glue in your words.

Wed. Nov. 16

  • Word Study–Blind Sort
  • Grammar–finish your practice sheets on Nouns & Adjectives
  • Read 🙂

Tues. Nov. 15

  • Field trip tomorrow morning to Museum London
  • Word Study
  • Finish Social Studies mapping work
  • Math: finish pictograph practice

Mon. Nov. 14

  • permission form: Seussical the Musical. No payment needed.
  • Social Studies: find out what the names of our 3 territories are
  • Word Study
  • Religion: if incomplete

Fri. Nov. 11

  • Ask a family member to leave a comment on our Remembrance Day video…What is Peace?
  • Reading!
  • Friday Folders went home…please return Monday
  • Permission form for Seussical the Musical @ STA

Thurs. Nov. 10

  • Word Study–we have our test tomorrow
  • Reading!
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences tonight

Wed. Nov. 9

  • Word Study–blind sort
  • Capitals Review sheet
  • Reading 🙂
  • Cereal box if you haven’t already brought it in yet

Tues. Nov. 8

  • Empty cereal box for Thursday’s math lesson
  • Word Study
  • permission form for our field trip + $4
  • Report Card envelope–return
  • Science test tomorrow

Mon. Nov. 7

  • Religion: finish colouring/gluing in your People Who Help With Mass
  • Bring in an empty cereal box for Thursday
  • Grammar (yellow duotang)-finish Their/There sheet + capitals sheets
  • Word Study
  • permission form for our field trip to Museum London + $4
  • Report Card white envelope–return

Fri. Nov. 4

  • Science test moved to Wed. We will review together on Mon/Tues
  • Reading 20+ minutes
  • Permission form for Museum London trip went home today.
  • Friday Folder-return Monday

Thurs. Nov. 3

  • Word Study-quiz tomorrow. Glue in words tonight and review.
  • Math–test tomorrow on patterning.
  • Science test Monday (forces)

Wed. Nov.2

  • Word Study–Blind Sort
  • Math test Friday–patterning
  • Math: real life pattern due tomorrow (see below)

Tues. Nov. 1

  • New words were introduced today…Word Study Monday/Tuesday due to the PD Day
  • Math test Friday patterning
  • Math homework: review handout sheet you received
  • Math picture (find a real life pattern such as an animal print, wallpaper, patterns you can see in nature, etc.) print it and bring in by Thursday to share with the class. If you don’t have a printer, just describe and draw.

Mon. Oct. 31

  • Happy Halloween!
  • Don’t forget to return the Parent/Teacher Conference form this week

Thurs. Oct. 27

  • Fri. folder went home today
  • Word Study postponed until Mon. Sorry! We ran out of time today!
  • Reading!
  • Bowling in morning at Bowlerama Royale on Dundas. Reading Marathon Monday afternoon. Reminder went home in Fri. Folder. Flashlight needed!

Wed. Oct. 26

  • Math (Gr.4s have 2 handouts mostly dealing with t-charts)
  • Grade 3s:  p. 10 #2,4,5
  • Word Study Quiz is tomorrow (Friday is a PD Day!) Don’t worry about gluing in your words (unless you really want to). We’ll do that tomorrow in school.
  • Dress Down Day tomorrow (and Monday is Black & Orange Day)
  • Drop off Fall Fun Fair items tomorrow morning!

Tues. Oct. 25

  • 2 pairs of pantyhose for our project
  • Fall Fun Fair Thurs.
  • French: picture
  • Word Study
  • Writer’s Workshop: finish cross country entry from today.

Mon. Oct. 24

  • 2 pairs of pantyhose for our project. We are doing our project on Wed.
  • Fall Fun Fair this Thurs!
  • Mathletics $8.00 for those who are outstanding
  • Math text work: Grade 3–p. 9 #3,4,5 and p. 10 #1, 3a                           Grade 4 text work: p. 6 all and p.7 #3, 4a,  5, 6
  • French: picture
  • Word Study–Monday’s homework. See Homework Menu in your duotang.

Fri. Oct. 21

  • 2 pairs of pantyhose (nylons) for a Halloween project next week. Try to bring in by Tuesday
  • QSP due Tuesday
  • Mathletics $8.00 due Tuesday at the latest. There are a handful of people still outstanding.
  • Fall Fun Fair next Thurs.
  • Read: 25 minutes

Thurs. Oct. 20

  • Long ‘e’ quiz tomorrow! If you’re daily homework for this week’s Word Study is incomplete, please do this tonight
  • Crazy hat day tomorrow!
  • Read: 20 mins.

Wed. Oct. 19

  • Word Study: quiz Friday. This is our first week doing word study.  It is a ‘practice week’ where we learn the ins and outs of the program.  Starting next week, each student will be working in groups with students who have similar spelling challenges and strengths. A letter has gone home recently explaining what Word Study is and how it works.
  • Math p. 3,4 if not done
  • French–photos de ma famille
  • Reading!

Tues. Oct.18

  • Crazy Hat Day –Friday
  • Science: Build Day tomorrow for our Egg Drop Experiment. Be sure you have all the materials you wish to use…at school!
  • Math: p. 1 and 2 in your red duotang.
  • Word Study–if you’re not done “The Great 8” homework task from class.

Mon. Oct. 17

  • Materials for Egg Drop experiment. See green duotang for handout
  • French–speech bubble if not done
  • Writing Workshop–finish your entry from today
  • Religion–finish picture, if not done
  • Crazy Hat Day this Friday

Fri. Oct. 14

  • Read this weekend…at least 25 minutes!
  • Mathletics–continue practicing this weekend if you can access a computer

Thurs. Oct. 13

  • Reading, as always!
  • Mass tomorrow 9:30 St. George’s
  • Writing–10 minutes. Continue to add to your ‘old’ entries or add a new one tonight
  • French?

Wed. Oct. 12

  • Reading–20 minutes
  • Mathletics $8 if you haven’t already brought it in
  • Mass on Friday morning. If you have a speaking part, please practice.
  • Math textbook work, if not finished from class.

Tues. Oct. 11

  • Reading
  • Mathletics 10 minutes. Please make sure if you can’t access a computer tonight, that you are able to catch up by the end of the week.
  • Yellow permission form for Hallowe’en Bowling

Fri. Oct. 7

  • Religion notebook–I encourage you to please share your Thanksgiving prayer with your family around the dinner table this weekend 🙂
  • Friday Folder went home today
  • Encourage a family member this weekend to leave a comment on our blog!

Thurs. Oct. 6

  • Reading 22 minutes!
  • QSP envelopes went home today (cookie dough + magazine fundraising)
  • Our Thanksgiving liturgy is tomorrow at 11:10

Wed. Oct. 5

  • Cross Country tomorrow at RMC (Regina Mundi College).
  • Science experiment–just the one about Type of Material. Mrs. Sullivan gave you a marble to use. Please return it tomorrow!
  • Reading 20 minutes
  • Mathletics–remember to bring in your $8.00 by the end of the month 🙂

Tues. Oct. 4

  • Math Test tomorrow (Wed.)
  • Cross Country Meet Thursday (dress according to the weather, bring something to sit on, something quiet to bide your time)
  • Canned Food drive continues
  • Read: 20 min.
  • Mathletics–a parent letter is going home this week, however, students have already started using it at school. There is a minimal fee for the program–the school is paying for the majority of it. To help prepare for our math test tomorrow, I’ve assigned a few ‘tasks’ on the program if they wish to use it to study. Their login information is in the front of the agenda.

Mon. Oct. 3

  • Religion–finish colouring your Thanksgiving prayer picture
  • Math test Wednesday. We’ll review tomorrow in class.
  • Cross Country Meet–Thursday. Dress for the weather. Bring something to sit on.
  • Canned Food Drive begins.
  • Reading: 20 minutes

Fri. Sept. 30

  • Picture Day Monday!! Say cheeeese.
  • Math red duotang–if Mrs. Sullivan put a yellow sticky note inside, please correct your errors
  • Math Test Wed.  It will be all about numbers–rounding, representing numbers, ordering
  • Read 21 minutes +

Thurs. Sept. 29

  • Great job on the Terry Fox Run today! The weather cooperated for us.
  • Grammar: finish your subject/predicate handout if not done.
  • Terry Fox journal–finish up your paragraph
  • Off uniform day tomorrow!
  • Show your parent(s) your rounding quiz (it’s glued into your math notebook)

Wed. Sept. 28

  • Review rounding rules. See blog post for review and your rule book 🙂
  • Terry Fox Run tomorrow afternoon at the school
  • Math text questions (if not done). Gr.3 p. 33 #3-6, 8,9          Gr.4 p. 43 #3, 4bcd, p. 50 #16
  • Read!

Tues. Sept. 27     Terry Fox Run at School is on Thursday at 1:15

  • Science–finish last 2 questions on your own. We will ‘take up’ tomorrow.
  • Read 20 minutes!
  • French quiz tomorrow (review your numbers)

Mon. Sept. 26

  • math worksheets on rounding
  • Read 20 minutes
  • 5 finger prayer (including colouring) if not done
  • French numbers quiz on Wednesday

Thurs. Sept. 22

  • Tomorrow is a PD Day!
  • Friday Folders went home today and an important green sheet that needs attention
  • Terry Fox run is next Thursday. If you have a toonie or a loonie, please consider donating!
  • Read…how long can you do it this time?

Wed. Sept.21

  • Make any necessary corrections in your math duotang
  • Math quiz tomorrow (number sense…what we’ve been learning so far…place value, representing numbers, ordering numbers)
  • Read 20 minutes
  • Music is tomorrow after French. We will meet our new music teacher!

Tues. Sept. 20

  • Tomorrow (Wed.) is our first Cross Country meet at Springbank Park. We will leave shortly after announcements and the Meet will likely begin around 9:40am.
  • Students should wear running shorts and their uniform shirt. They will switch into a green school shirt once they arrive at school.
  • Read 20 minutes

Mon. Sept. 19

  • Mass tomorrow morning at St. George’s 9:30
  • Finish math worksheet practice (ordering numbers)
  • Backpack presentations tomorrow…you know who you are!
  • Read 21 minutes !

Fri. Sept. 16

  • Read 22 minutes…or more!
  • More “Backpack Journal” presentations Monday: Ryerson, Beatrice, Nicole, Chantelle, Luca P.
  • Math if not finished: Grade 3s–p. 27 2-4   Grade 4s–p.31 3-5
  • Friday Folders go home today. Return on Monday.

Sept. 15

  • Read 20 minutes
  • See if you can finish your Connect the Dots tonight! What does the picture reveal?
  • Several of you have your presentations tomorrow (“Backpack Journal” assignment). You know who you are…

Sept. 14

  • See note below for Twister and sidewalk chalk
  • Read 20 minutes
  • Dot Day tomorrow!

Sept. 13

  • Read 20 min.
  • Do you have the game “Twister” at home? What about sidewalk chalk? If you have either of these items, could you bring them in for Thursday?
  • Math–finish any incomplete pages. Most of you are nearly finished.
  • Cross Country practice is tomorrow!

Sept. 12

  • Back to School BBQ (pizza) is on Wed. night 4-5:30
  • Dot Day this Thursday 🙂
  • Read 20 minutes

Sept. 9

  • Read 20 minutes minimum! I think you can do more, though!
  • Friday Folders went home today. Lots of forms will need your parents’ attention such as the Verification Form.
  • Don’t forget: decorate your Writer’s Notebooks. Due Monday 🙂
  • Don’t forget: gym clothes should be at school all week.
  • Have a terrific weekend!

Sept. 8

  • Read 20 minutes
  • Pizza form (blue) went home today
  • Cross Country practice tomorrow outside
  • Decorate Writer’s Notebook cover. Note went home today about this. Due Monday

Sept. 7

  • Agenda $ and parent questionnaire if not brought in yet
  • Read 20 minutes (or more!)
  • Math About Me-if not yet finished

Sept. 6

  • Cross Country gear for tomorrow. M, W, F are our practice days outside
  • Agenda $10 and parent questionnaire (yellow sheet)
  • indoor shoes if not brought in yet
  • 20 minutes reading


4 thoughts on “Homework/Reminders

    1. missb (Post author)

      Hi Stephenie!
      The timeline is due Tuesday. Can you believe tomorrow is Friday already? I hope you’ve had a great week!
      Miss B


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