April 9

Mystery Solved!

The Case of the Stolen Pillows has been solved! As an update from our previous post (click here), students thought it would be a good idea to interview one of our prime suspects–Mrs. Chapman.

We called her in to be interviewed and students were poised, ready to ask their questions. Mrs. Chapman answered their questions and students jotted notes.

Students asked questions about what colour lipstick does she wear? What kind of coffee does she drink? What size does she buy? Does she like volleyball? A couple of students thought it would be a good idea to ask to see the bottom of her shoes. No match. However, a push to see her outdoor shoes did lead to a match! The tred and size on the bottom or her outdoor winter boots matched the muddy shoeprint left behind.

Mrs. Chapman finally confessed and told us she really liked our pillows and wanted to use them in her own office. She should have just asked, right? 🙂

Case closed. Great job, Grade 3 detectives!


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