December 10

Advent–a time to prepare

Advent is important because the advent season is the time leading up to Christmas. Advent means ‘a coming’.  Of course, during Advent, we are anticipating Jesus’ birth.

We light the candles in a special order: Purple, purple, pink, purple, and finally white. The first purple candle means the Candle of Hope. The second purple candle is lit as it symbolizes the Candle of Preparation. The third candle is pink and it represents the Candle of Joy. The fourth candle in the Advent Wreath is another purple candle. It stands for the candle of Love. The final candle is called the Christ Candle which is white. The light represents Jesus who is the light of the world.

This is a beautiful way to represent our Lord, Jesus Christ.

How do you prepare for Christmas?

Do you have any family traditions?

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