May 26

What’s the Chance?

Over the last while, our students have been learning about probability.

What is PROBABILITY? It is the chance of something happening.

What better way to understand “chance” than by playing games? We started off by playing a Horse Race game which involved rolling 2 dice. If you rolled your horse number, you got to move. If someone else rolled your horse number, your horse moved. The first horse to cross the finish line wins! After examining patterns across each group’s board, we noticed that horse number 6,7,8 seemed to be winning the most. We learned that it wasn’t “luck” that made a horse win…it was math! Probability!

Last week, we also played a probability game called Race to the Top. Students used a spinner and recorded the results in a table/chart. Whomever made it to the top of the chart first wins! We first used a spinner that showed equal chances of winning. Then, we used a spinner that did not show equal chances of winning. Take a look at the fun we had!


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