September 22

Shhhh! It’s a Whisper Phone

Independent Reading time is a critical part of our daily literacy learning at school. If you’ve ever been to our classroom, you may have noticed our whisper phones which have a special spot on our reading table.

A Whisper Phone is a tool that can be used to help hear your voice very clearly just by whispering into it. It amplifies your voice. You use it like a telephone. Whisper phones allow students to hear themselves while speaking quietly into their phones. This allows them to focus on what they are saying and how they are saying it.

Have you ever used a whisper phone before?

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Posted September 22, 2019 by MrsS in category Reading Workshop

3 thoughts on “Shhhh! It’s a Whisper Phone

  1. C.M

    To Mrs. Sullivan,
    The whisper phones are so cool! You really do get to concentrate on what your reading! It definitely helps me!
    From, C.M


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