September 30

Drum Roll Please…..

Today we officially began the Global Read Aloud for this year called Stella Diaz Has Something to Say by Angela Dominguez.

We are SO excited to be involved with this chapter book. We made plenty of predictions about what this book could be about with the following photos in our slideshow:

We brainstormed new words (some were Spanish!), characters, setting details, questions we have, and so on and jotted them in our Reader’s Notebook.

What’s so neat about Global Read Aloud is that we are reading the SAME book as so many other students around the world! We will be connecting with a class…somewhere in the world. The exact location will be revealed in the coming days! Geographical clues will be given in class and we’ll have to guess where our partner class is located. Stay tuned.


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2 thoughts on “Drum Roll Please…..

  1. Joseph O

    Dear Mrs.Sullivan,
    I love this book!Too bad you didn’t read this book to us last year.Oh well.I always come to see what new things you and your new class are doing every once and a while when I have time.


  2. C.M

    Dear Mrs. Sullivan,
    I’m excited to see who the secret class is that we are sharing the book with! I wonder if they are nice?!


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