December 10

Have a Peek Into Our Learning

December has been moving quickly and we have been busy bees in our classroom in all sorts of ways. Have a little peek into our learning!

During a math class, students can be seen surveying each other in order to gather information about their classmates. We used a tally chart to record the data and then created a bar graph. Some survey questions included…

How Many Pets Do You Have? What is Your Worst Fear? What Time Do You Wake Up on Weekends?

Our class was delighted to help make Christmas Cards for seniors which were delivered to a local nursing home in our community.

Below, our class is creating their very own Upower maps, also known as vision boards. They turned out so wonderful!

A fun Christmas science experiment had us predicting what would happen if we placed a candy cane in different solutions.

Can you guess which liquid caused the candy cane to dissolve the fastest?

Let’s have some fun and make learning about Ontario’s 3 landform regions a little more interesting. Here, we are using Plasticine or Play Doh to show the different features of a particular landform. The 3 regions are: The Great Lakes/St.Lawrence Lowlands, The Canadian Shield, and The Hudson Bay Lowlands.


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