November 9

Moving Along In November

We’re a very busy class learning and exploring each and every day. Have a look at our learning over the last week or so…

Rubbing balloons on our heads may look weird, but we were doing a science experiment to try to create static electricity using friction. Unfortunately, we learned that not all science experiments work they way they’re supposed to and our balloons were quite stubborn, not sticking to the walls like they should have.

One of our gym classes was ‘bootcamp style’ where stations were set up and students circulated through each station, getting our sweat on while the music motivated us to keep moving! Situps/pushups, jump-rope, bean bag toss, soccer dribbling, and so much more!

Our personal narrative unit had us getting our minds warmed up while we practiced storytelling our chosen idea to a friend. We then learned about drafting leads or introductions–the HOOK that will capture a reader’s attention. Mrs. S models for us what a lead can sound like and we learned about different ways to start a narrative. We were asked to write 2 different leads and pick the best one.

Gathering and making sense of data is our next unit in math. Our focus today was on Venn Diagrams. We were sorting information like who liked chocolate vs. vanilla, siblings & pets, and much more. We used magnetic pictures of ourselves to come up to the board and decide where we would place ourselves on the Venn Diagram. We also used sticky notes to sort numbers.

We had a lovely visitor today from the Rotary Club. The grade 3s and 4s from the split classes were given student dictionaries to keep! We learned a bit about what the Rotary Club does and how a dictionary can help us.



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4 thoughts on “Moving Along In November

  1. Scott

    Thank you. There were balloons in my house and I loved it. I have been having with our class art with an artist and we made paintings and drew our faces with pastels. We also had a week long field trip at the palace theatre where we did costuming, singing, improv, sketching, makeup and more. Yesterday we were at a convention centre in Chatham learning about trades and trying to do 16 challenges in 3 hours. On December 1 we are going to a high school to watch the show Seusical the musical. Happy birthday whenever your birthday comes.

  2. Scott

    Did you know that my birthday is in November it passed already. Anyway Mrs. Sullivan if you wanted to see how or class is going then you can check this website. If it does not work then respond to this comment.

    1. MrsS (Post author)

      Hi Scott!
      Happy belated birthday to you! How did you celebrate? I can see you are having a great year! What are you learning about with your art classes? It looks like you were painting.
      Have a great week,
      Mrs. S


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