June 1

Who Will Win the World Cup?

The world cup is a soccer tournament held every 4 years. This year it’s in Russia and starts on June 14th.

There are 23 countries taking part. It’s the most watched sporting event in the world.

Countries such as Argentina, Germany, Brazil, and France are favorites to win. One of  my favoritse is

Lion Messi , so I hope Argentina wins.

Who are you cheering for?  Click here for more videos about World Cup.

by: Dante


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3 thoughts on “Who Will Win the World Cup?

  1. Brendan p.

    Dear Dante,
    I love the world cup! Its probably my favorite soccer event. My favorite team is Portugal. My favorite player is Ronaldo. I also like Germany. I think Germany,Brazil or Portugal will win.Who do YOU think will win?
    Brendan p.

  2. David

    Dear Dante,
    I think Poland will win the world cup because they are awsome everybody likes Poland did you know that.



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