December 4

Famous Rock Structures Around the Globe

As a culminating project to our Rocks & Minerals unit, students worked hard to research a famous rock structure of their choosing.

The students chose to research the following structures:

  • Zuma Rock (Africa)
  • The White Desert (Egypt)
  • Giant’s Causeway (Ireland)
  • Flowerpot Island (Tobermory, Ontario Canada)
  • Ayers Rock (Australia)
  • Twelve Apostles (Australia)
  • The Wave (Arizona, U.S.A)

There are so many beautiful rock structures in our own country and around the world. Congratulations to the two young ladies who won the National Geographic Kids contest for best pamphlet! Sylvia Jane from California was so pleased to meet you and present your awards!

All projects were proudly displayed at our Parent Conference Night and students took them home to share their hard work with their families. Bravo Grade 3s!

Do YOU have a rock structure you’d like to know

more about? Is there a rock structure you’d

like to visit?

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