December 4

Our Last Mystery Reader for 2018 is…

Many students guessed correctly…it was Mrs. Jones! She delighted us with not 1…not 2…but THREE Robert Munsch books! Munsch is certainly a favourite Canadian author among many of us!

We loved participating in the reading of each book and laughed and gasped at all the right spots.

Thank you, Mrs. Jones! You were fantastic and we loved you visiting us today.


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4 thoughts on “Our Last Mystery Reader for 2018 is…

  1. Joseph

    Dear Mrs.Sullivan i loved the books that Mrs.Jones read to us they were so much fun to listen to when is the next mystery reader is going to be? from Joseph

    1. MrsS (Post author)

      Dear Joseph,
      Mrs. Jones did a terrific job! I’m glad you enjoyed listening to the stories. Robert Munsch is such a classic. Our next Mystery Reader will be in the New Year. Who would you like it to be?
      Mrs. Sullivan

  2. Anna

    Dear Mrs.Sullivan,
    I liked all of the books Mrs.Jones read to us.My favourite book she read to us was So Much Snow. I wonder who the next mystery reader is going to be?


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